Ancient anyone before him or after him

Ancient China was a powerful civilization, but it was divided into different dynasties.

The most powerful dynasty out of all of them was the Tang dynasty. The Tang dynasty was most powerful due to one of their leaders named Tang Taizong. Tang Taizong was the most powerful and consistent leader of the Tang dynasty. Even though they did not last as long as the Han dynasty the emperor was still more successful than anyone before him or after him even from the same dynasty. The reasons for his rise in power were because of his leadership skills, his people and their military. Tang Taizong had paved a way for a lot of emperors after him even from different dynasties.Tang Taizong was the second ruler after his father, born in 599 CE with the name Li Shimin.

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Taizong had worked a lot never resting, even before becoming a emperor he was helping his father take out some of their worst enemies. Taizong was a man who listened to others, taking advice from his officials impacted his reign and making him  more successful. Unlike China’s previous emperors Taizong invested time to make a bureau of historiography to record any of China’s historical events. Taizong abused his role of emperor in his final years of emperor, as he used builders to make unnecessary buildings just to comfort his needs. Taizong died in 649 CE, he was buried in a tomb which is now called the Zhao Mauseoleum.

His son took over after him and the Tang dynasty remained in power. “The people are like water and the ruler a boat. Water can support a boat or overturn it.

“: Li Shimin . This quote signifies that the people are the ones who make the decision on whether their leader is good or bad, meaning that the leader is the boat and it is up to the people to support him being the water if they do not then the boat will turn over. (quote from  Overall Taizong was a good man and helped his people prosper and brought them good fortune as he really was a good leader. The emperor Taizong was powerful because of his leadership. His leadership made his people listen to him. At the time there was probably around 3 million people, that was a lot of people at the time.

Emperor Taizong had millions of people at his command and he had control over them as they obeyed his every command. Taizong changed a lot of tactics and because of that it helped him stay in power. An example of this is that at one point in time his father had commanded about five thousand horses, Taizong changed the number to seven hundred thousand. Taking lead and using his power rightfully made him successful. Therefore Taizong was powerful because of his leadership.

The second reason how Taizong Tang became powerful is because of his people. Having millions at his command he could have achieved almost anything at the time. The Tang dynasty period was known as the “Golden Age” as it was the most China had ever prospered, starting off when Taizong became the emperor. During this time everything was restored back after the bad condition it was in.

Of course the people were going to stand with Taizong as he brought them back. With his people believing him and trusting him Taizong did not disappoint. He continued to be a great leader and because of this the civilians had great opportunities with work. Also when Taizong became the emperor the silk road was extended, this is another reason why the people believed in Taizong Tang.

With the silk road being extended there were more jobs and that was better for the economy as they also prospered from it. Clearly the people of the empire had great faith and trust in Taizong Tang and it made him more powerful. The last reason why Taizong Tang became powerful was because of his military. Taizong did not take this matter lightly he ensured the safety of his empire as he commenced six hundred militia units, he had ordered that each unit was to have between eight hundred to twelve hundred men in them.

Taizong also had an elite force called “The Northern Army”, they were taking guard outside the capital of the empire. Taizong knew that this costed a lot of money, but they paid and that allowed them to expand again. In the Tang Dynasty, the Silk Road was significantly broadened. Amid the rule of the Tang Taizong, his military power crushed the Eastern Turks in 630, set up neighborly relations with the Western Turks and vanquished Gaochang, Yanqi and Qiuci. Another example of Taizong fine military strength was when The armed force of Qu Zhisheng was no match for the exceedingly prepared Tang armed force and the city fell rapidly.

Taizong at that point added the domains and garrisoned them with troops. The conflict with Gaochang were yet to be known, the Yanqi aligned themselves with the Western Turkic Khaganate and placed themselves threatening to Tang interests in 644 CE. Taizong crushed them and guaranteed their property and after that sent the armed force further to quell the Eastern Turks, at long last asserting the entire of the Tarim Bowl as a major aspect of his domain by 648 CE. Seeing Taizong’s great conquest was amazing and it had scared some people from neighbouring countries.Therefore you can see that Taizong Tang was powerful because of his exceptional military strength.In conclusion Taizong Tang and the Tang dynasty were clearly powerful. However not remaining in power as long as the Han dynasty, the Tang dynasty were  still more powerful and made a greater change to China and even the countries around them.

Taizong Tang had impeccable leadership skills, loving citizens and exceptional military strength. These things were what mainly led him to become powerful. Despite all of the previous downfalls and failures of the past emperors Taizong still managed to make his empire prosper and the people happy. Taizong was a great ruler, he was defiantly smart, brave and unique, because of all his significant traits he was a very powerful man.


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