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The movie cube is about a group of five people who feel trapped inside a cube, and they are expected to determine their way out of it. These people are all strangers to each other. Their different characters and personalities make it difficult to find out how they can get out of the cube.

The movie is made up of several characters which includes; Leaven, great mathematician, but she fails to recognize that five is not a prime number. Worth is an architect, and one of the people who came up with the cube. Kazan, on the other hand, is an autistic launch while Holloway is a doctor. Quentin is a policeman with difficult character traits of anger and established unfairness.

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He believes that everyone else is to blame for this situation apart from himself. According to Nietzsche’s ideas, there are no facts in life, only interpretations exist. This film proves Nietzsche’s ideas especially when Quentin is concerned. He has his own interpretations of each and every condition and people in the cube.

One of the interpretations he makes is that, he is the only person who is not to blame for their condition of being trapped in the cube. His interpretation of self is that, he is not capable of making mistakes. This contributes more to the difficulty of leaving the cube since they are supposed to cooperate if they are to find a way out.

He believes he is always right and ends up using a lot of force to get things done also in trying to prove that he is right. He is the one suspecting everyone and in the end, he becomes the cause of death to all of them except Kazan. His interpretation of others is a little more affirmative since he comes up with the idea that each of them has a role to play in the cube if they are to get out of it safely. He believes that their different professions and personalities is what they all need to solve the mystery they are in.

These people can be considered to be living in a small community where they have to coexist to make living possible for all of them. The Will to power which is the most important driving force in a person who looks forward towards achieving greater positions in life is exhibited in the character of Quentin. His interpretation of self as a perfect being is an example of his will to power and so is the interpretation of others as having the capacity to solve the issue at hand only when they cooperate. Metaphysical comfort is reflected in these interpretations as well.

Existing with complete strangers in such a complicated situation required that they trust each other despite the fact that they had never met before. This is what the creation of the metaphysical comfort is all about. Quentin brought this whole thought about when he suggested that every person has something special that they need to come out of the cube. He took the leadership role in trying to come up with the solution owning to his belief in self. Quentin’s interpretation of other is sick or nihilist because it eventually leads to the death of everyone except the one person he considered incapable of providing any reasonable solutions. His interpretation of self is assertive because out of his self confidence he was able to reveal that Worth played a role in the development of the cube. These interpretations indicate the element of “in bad faith” owing to the fact that Quentin’s attitudes seem to be for the good of the group, but he has ulterior motives which ultimately brings more harm than good. In making meaning out of the absurd, Quentin tries to find out the role of every person and eventually, the person with the solution is the one he was not so interested in.

he assumes the role of a master in the entire set up and believes that his orders have to be followed irrespective of the position of the other people. The other are therefore, more of slaves to him as we see towards the end when he intends to kill all of them because his plans never succeeded. This interpretation finally brings about the idea of transcendence in the sense that the character aims at being excelling in his mission only that it is at the expense of others.


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