ANALYSIS entitled “Analysis of Production Process of

ANALYSIS OF PRODUCTION PROCESS OF ADVERTISEMENTREPORTSUBMITTED BY – AMAN JAINENROLLMENT NO – A2079816187 BA (J&MC) ASCO (AMITY SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION)DECLARATIONI do here by declare that the term paper entitled “Analysis of Production Process of Advertisement”, is a work of my own and has not been directly copied from any source. All sources have been referred and cited appropriately. Date: (Signature)Name of the student: AMAN JAINEnrollment No: A20798161871CERTIFICATE OF THE GUIDEThis is to certify that the term paper entitled “Analysis of Production Process of Advertisement”, submitted to Amity School of Communication, Amity University has been carried out under my guidance.All help received by her from various sources have been duly acknowledged.Date: Signature of the GuidePlace:Name of the GuideDesignation Dept2ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my teacher (Ms Zakia Tasmin Rahman) as well as our head of the department (Mr.KalyanChatterjee)who gave me the golden opportunity to do this wonderful project on the topic (Analysis of Production Process of Advertisement), which also helped me in doing a lot of Research and i came to know about so many new things I am really thankful to them.

Secondly I would like to thank Firecracker Entertainment Team for helping me in doing this project. 3TABLE OF CONTENTAim, Objective, Methodology,& Review of literatureFirecracker ProductionMy ExperienceProdution Process of an AdvertisementConclusion4AIMAnalysis of Production Process of AdvertisementOBJECTIVETo learn how advertisement is being made and the strategy used for the making of an advertisement. Need to learn how whole production process is done.METHODOLOGYFor gathering better information I have worked in couple of advertisement to get proper information.Taking help of the production team involved in the making Advertisement.

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REVIEW OF LITERATUREAn advertisement comprises about 30 percents of the things that we watch on television. Advertisements however, do more than entertain and sell more than just a product; they have set standards that how cool a product or advertisements needs to be. In other words advertising is a way of selling a product. Whenever one analysis an advertisement it is good to ask question to yourself first:Who will be seen in the advertisement? will it a celebrity or a model What is the target audience for the advertisement?Which language will be used for the advertisement What will the emotion of the advertisement?5There are also some aspects that an advertiser sees:Camera angles need like low angle shot which gives power to the subject.Product is sold on 3 main emotions i.e. sex, humor, fear.

Emotions need to be used properly as it connects the audience easily.Sound effects, music, etc…Editing needs to be done properly as it used to generate pace and excitement.

Jingle attracts audience.6Firecracker ProductionFirecracker is a Mumbai based production house which is run by Harsh and Meeta Dave, producers who have been in this industry for more than 20years. Together they have made advertisements for companies like Fox Network, Samsung, Lux, PepsiCo, Renault, Hyundai, while they are more into Indian market but still they have successful enterprises in Dubai and Malaysia. The company also provides support to International Clients and Production Houses that require facilities services in the Indian Subcontinent.

Harsh and Meeta have also provided their experience for executing big budget feature films with companies like Sony and Universal.Meeta has been involved in Line Production of large scale feature film like Bluffmaster and the Iconic directed by Ivan Zacharias and Harsh has more than 25years experience in advertising production business.It is a production house were allot of freelancer directors work for one or two advertisement but the in-house director of this company is Sunil Sippy who has a experience of 13years in films and has also done allot of advertising, he has made advertisements for brands like Lux, Clinic All Clear, Blue Star and Asian Paints.7My ExperienceSo doing my internship in such a big company was amazing, I met so many people from industry and got to interact with them.I got the opportunity to work with two Directors, one was Gauravv K Chawal who made Fair & Lovely advertisement and other was Roshan Shetty who had the Tea Valley advertisement, i had a great time working under them and the Firecracker team i got to learn so many things from pre production to post production how each step is taken forward.One of the biggest advertisement in which I have ever worked would be Tea Valley as I got to work with one the best technicians in the business and none other than Mr.

Amitabh Bachchan working under one roof that experience can’t be shared in words one of the best shot of my life till day.I was working in every department in both the advertisement that the best part as I got to know how each department works and I even sat on the monitor where I got to see how framing was done, where cutters are being put, and many other things.I even went for the Product shot of tea valley where I got to work with Joel Fonsecha who is well known in the industry for taking product shot.Then I even got to know how an agency script turns into a final script i.e.

:First agency sends a script to the production house.Second step is that the Director does the Treatment of the script, director makes script into a full-fledged story i.e. what will be the theme of the story, lighting, mood, costume, how will the set look like, and many other things.Third step is that there is a meeting called as PPM(Pre-Production Meeting) where the agency, Director and the team sits and the script which is being edited is taken into the meeting and if the agency or the client wants any changes they make with discussing with the Director and his team and the Final Script closes here.

During this process Actor, Cameras to be used, Lighting, Set and other things are finalised and are in the process of giving everything a final touch.FAIR ;LOVELY: BB CREAMThis is the advertisement which is made for the Sri Lankan market and is directed by Gauravv K Chawla this is the extension of Fair ; Lovely Cream for only Sri Lankan market. Even the language used in this advertisement is Sri Lankan and the models were also Sri Lankan based. This advertisement had two films:Application Girl: The first film shows that the girl is getting ready to meet his boyfriend, and then she receives a message from his boyfriend that can’t wait for our date, see you in few minutes, then she takes out the BB CREAM from her bag and puts that on her face and while using this cream she is very confident that after putting this cream her face will glowand will remove the pimples, after using the cream her faces glows and she looks even more beautiful.

Family Wedding: The second film shows that the girl is lying on her bed and is unhappy because of the pimple which she has on her nose, and get bad thoughts that aunties are laughing on her, her picture with pimple is trending… then her friend comes and gives her BB CREAM, when she puts BB CREAM on her face the pimple goes with in few seconds and her face glows, then the girl and her friend clicks selfie, here both the film ends with a music.TEA VALLEYTea Valley is a new Tea brand which is coming in the market with 3 different flavours; the advertisement is being directed by Roshan Shetty. Mr AMITABH BACHCHAN is going to be the face of Tea Valley, because of his personality and the audience needs to believe that Tea Valley will give the pure essence and taste of Tea and Mr Bachchan will be the right person to be the face of Tea Valley.This advertisement also had two films :Baatein Aur Chai: So here the films opens with Mr Bachchan sitting with his old friends, laughing remembering old memories, whereas one friend says Chai kaha hai and then Mr Bachchan gestures his butler to get tea for everyone, and when he brings tea Mr Bachchan pores it in everyone glasses and while talking when one of his friends takes a sip of tea he stops and enjoys the taste of tea, following by a product window which shows that this is the tea which gives the pure essence of tea and even at the end of advertisement Mr Bachchan says “TEA VALLEY TRULY ORIGINAL”.City Valley: This film starts with Mr Bachchan standing on his terrace and when the over the shoulder shot it is seen that he is watching the city traffic, and then a close up shot of Mr Bachchan where he is smiling with an expression that wish I could be somewhere else, then Mr Bachchan swipes his finger across the City Skyline which changes into mountains and the traffic into River and the city billboard into a Beautiful Lush, now it is noticed that the whole city is changed into mountains where the tea leafs are grown by showing the pure essence of tea, and then everything comes back to the action and then we see that a butler is approaching Mr Bachchan with Tea, then Mr Bachchan say Ab main apne garh ko Assam toh nahi bana sakta and with a close up shot having tea cup in his hand he says Par Assam ko apne garh toh laa skata hoon and then there is a product window and at the end of the video with a closeup shot Mr Bachchan says ‘Tea Valley Truly Original’ and here the advertisement ends.

Production Process of an AdvertisementPlanning: This is first step in production process for an advertisement; the production manager first plans the things before the shot so that everything goes according to his planning which is necessary for an effective advertisement to take place.Then comes the 3production process : Pre-Production Process Basically this is the step which takes place before the shooting like selection of studio if indoor or if it’s a location shoot then everything needed for an outdoor shoot will be arranged, date, which actor or actress will be casted for that particular advertisement, making all arrangements from food to vanity, lights, cameras and other things which will be needed for the shoot will be decided in pre-production process.ProductionBasically this is the step where shooting takes place; whatever is being discussed between the director and his team is being implemented during the production stage as this is the stage where a mistake can cost a lot for the company and the advertisement, all the creative process relating to the shot is being done here.

Post ProductionThis is the last step, all the work after the shooting i.e. the editing part is done here which is the very important part of any advertisement or movie, adding background score, music, dubbing, colour grading and VFX related things are done in the post production. Editing is also of two types :Offline: It is type of which takes place at first i.e. offline editing is the editing where the shots are just put in a way which is according to the storyboard, no vfx colour grading takes place just the placing of shots according to the storyboard is done here.

Offline edit takes a lot of time as this is the main part of editing process.Online: It is the editing process which takes place after offline editing; in online editing basically polishing is being done of the video that is being structured. In Online editing the vfx, colour grading and other things which make a video more attractive are being done.The main role of production department of an advertising agency is process and produces a final advertisement according to the client needs that’s why agency is also there at the time of shoot so that if anything is not going according to theme or they need to add they can do it at the same moment, sometimes client is also there at the shot for his satisfaction.Production house needs to show first the offline edit of the advertisement to the agency and needs to get there approval, once they get the approval and the offline is being looked then only the online edits starts.

ConclusionMy experience was a valuable experience working for 45days with such big technicians and big directors from the advertising industry throughout this process I gained a lot of knowledge and my experience working with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan can’t be explained through words it was superb. I also learnt what is PPM (Pre Production Meeting), why it is done….

I learnt how advertisements are made, and how it is different from making a movie usually an Ad is made in a day or a two and most of the ads are shot inside the studio with Masking whereas movie is shot both outdoor and indoor and a movie take around two months to shot. I got to work with two directors one was Gauravv K Chawla and other was Roshan Shetty with whom I made 4 advertisements, one was for Srilankan market whereas other was for Indian market, working under them was fun and also it was a good experience to learn many things from them.I am thankful to my guide Mr. Harsh Dave who was the Producer and owner of Firecracker Production, he told me many things about the advertising industry and also told me many things while shot which helped me to improve my skills.


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