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Maria Full of Grace is a movie that highlights different issues about life. Planning is one the very important issues highlighted in the movie. Urban life is very challenging and this has made human beings to come up with proper survival mechanisms that are important in the urban space. Proper social and physical systems are vital for proper survival of residents. Compelled by the very challenging life in the city, Maria decides to get involved in drug trafficking in order to make more money for supporting her family.

This occurs because of lack of recognition by the authorities and the family a like. When people have a recognizable space, they will always do their best to improve on their performances. Peer pressure becomes so intense the moment an individual becomes so desperate in life and becomes vulnerable to any influence. Information sharing or dissemination is very important for societal development. It makes no sense when authorities, organizations and individuals withhold important information that can actually help. Information dissemination promotes empowerment and awareness on important intellectual and social issues affecting the society.

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Maria‘s case could have been avoided if proper campaigns about drug abuse and trafficking were in place. Public space or social space is very important in any city or area of residence. Public spaces promote national integration because they can be accessed by everyone irrespective of their race, tribe and class.

The people in charge of urban planning and design can not afford to ignore this very fundamental issue. Entrants of public spaces are not charged any fees. Discrimination is not allowed in public spaces and serious action is normally taken against those found discriminating others.

This is the opposite of what happens in private places. Private places are categorized according to class, age, gender and other categories which deny some people entry. Private spaces also rule out those who can not afford entry fees and tickets. Public spaces are very significant in promoting social integration and cohesion. Social networking has enabled different groups of people to connect and share information on different issues about life. This has been made possible by the various social forums on the internet. The network has created a lot of friendships and at the same time promoted electronic business all over the world.

These global social networks have given birth to global communities.The globalization process has strengthened the development of global communities which have led to social and economic cooperation among different nations of the world. Global communities have come up with different initiatives that promote peace, trade and economic empowerment. Global communities make the world look as if it is run by one fictional government.

A proper social network support ensures young people in the society are well informed on the various issues affecting them. Lack of family and social network support for the youth slows down development.


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