An and advocacy constitute elements of engagement. Engaged

Anemployee is engaged when, if he or she is willing to go that extra mile beyondwhat is expected in his or her role. Engagement is a strong predictor ofemployee retention & performance. Satisfaction coupled with commitment,pride and advocacy constitute elements of engagement.

Engaged people are thepeople who drives innovation and moves business forward. Employees need to knowthat their managers care about them. An engaged employee finds a manager’s nicewords more valuable than monetary reward.    Driversof engagement for employees at Siflon Drugs, Hyderabad :Leadershipcan influence employee engagement. Employees who feel that leaders care forthem, walk that extra mile towards achieving goals.  Such a leader takes care of induction byexplaining employee responsibilities in detail and sets clear expectations foremployees.

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Employees value communication from managers not just work but alsohappenings outside work. Managers should know their employees as people first. Leadershipat Siflon drugs communicated information to the employees at daily stand-upmeetings.     Well-beingof employees physically, socially & psychologically is prime driver forengagement. When employee feels miserable at work, that misery follows homecompounding stress and effecting overall well-being. Careeradvancement also drives employee engagement. When an organization providescareer advancement options through learning & development employees aremore likely to be engaged. Building on employee strengths is more effectivethan correction of weakness.

Employees at Siflon drugs had chance to attendtraining & development programs.   Strongculture has potential to earn high employee engagement, such a work place givesopportunities to experiment, challenge, share information and to support oneanother. Leadership at Siflon drugs always encouraged innovative ideas fromemployees.Effectivecommunication is a priority for employee engagement. Employees with some sortof daily communication are more engaged than others.  Employees need to know that their opinionscount and be clear of what is expected of them.

Employees need to feel thatthey are contributing to the success of the organization. Jobfunction that is challenges that the job offers and its impact on company’sperformance determines employee engagement. The more the employee sees theimpact of his or her efforts on business outcomes, more is the sense ofimportance. Sizeof organization, tenure & age of employment also impact engagement.Organization needs to constantly provide opportunities to keep employeesengaged. Employees perceptions in areas such as total rewards matter inemployee engagement.

  Satisfactionalone cannot engage an employee. A satisfied employee may be highly disengagedalso. Say Employee X has positive thoughts about his manger but does give hisbest at work.Employeesdon’t want to be treated the same.

For example, things that matter to employeeX doesn’t matter to employee Y.Whenemployees doesn’t clearly understand their goals or what is expected of them atwork, employees feel disengaged. Employees feel conflicted about their dutiesand feel disconnected. For these employees developmental conversations feelsforced and not able to think about future goals.  Measuringjust behaviours or perceptions could mischaracterize their engagement. EmployeeY may be working with clients outside but whether he is doing it out ofinterest or suffering in silence.

Lackof relationships with superiors, peers & sub-ordinates leads to employee disengagement.   Afteranalysing of employee engagement at Siflon Drugs , following set of actions arerecommended: Ensuringthe employee is adequately equipped with all skills & sources to carry outthe responsibilities.By involveemployees in decision making at all levels.Improvingcommunication through one on one sessions. Supervisorsshould take the responsibility and authority to develop enthusiasm, energy andcreativity to engage employees. Supervisors needs training to handle topicslike better pay and outsourcing. Considering their inputs and letting them knowtheir inputs contributed to the improvements.

By asking employees how thecompany can improve and earn customer base can earn high employeeengagement.  Short& anonymous online surveys give supervisors a better understanding of teamdynamics and then discussing & addressing the root causes of issues. Bygiving Clarity on expectations from employees by frequently talking withemployees about their responsibilities and reviewing their progress. Initiativesto fulfill the higher order needs of employees such as Infrastructure,Amenities in residential area .

Strategiesfor improving relationship with customers, such that it becomes competitiveadvantage and translates in enhanced top line and bottom line performance.Re-designingthe performance management system by changing the performance metrics.  Developingstrategy for career development such that potential of employees can beaccessed early and supported by company in optimizing their potential.Stepsto make financial remuneration internally equitable and externally attractive.

Stepsto convert each supervisor into role model.Strategyto acquire talent for current and future business needs.Stepsto make training and development more  effective and efficient.Studyingpractises across industry and proposing policies related to related toovertime, allowances.Implementingincentive programs, as they are highly beneficial in motivating employees .



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