AN nation. Membership benefits Empowering nurse practitoners in

The American Association of Nurse Practioners is the largest nurising organization in the United States accomodating all nursing professionals. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners represents the interests of nursing professionals with over 248,000 nursing practioners across the United States. AANP advoctaes for the roles of the nurse practioners to ensure high qulaity, patient-centered, and cost effective healthcare. For nursing practitioners aiming to grow and develop in the nursing profession, they are welcome to join the largest community across the nation.
Membership benefits
Empowering nurse practitoners in their practice through improved education,.Updating the members with the current research regarding the nursing profession.Free access to the AANP CE Center which provides members with necessary resources for their growth in tthe nursing career.

Advocacy on the policy-making process at the national as well as the state level.provision of important resources required by nursing professionals in their growth of their career.

Welcomed To Our Annual Conference In AANP conference hall In South Mopac Expressway on July 15, 2018 which is aimed at welcoming new members and discussing the nurse-patient ratio and what policies to be implemented to address this situation. Senior members of the government will be present.

Endorsing organizations
American Nurses Association
Federal Nurses Association
Center for American Nurses
American Medical Association
For more information visit or contact us through (515) 442-4262

AANP National Administrative Office
PO BOX 12846
Austin, TX 78711
Phone: (512) 442-4262
Email: [email protected]
AANP is open for all nurse practitioners regardless of their areas of their practice.


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