An informal reading inventory and its application

An informal reading inventory is a survey that is personally given to a student to determine the reading levels. It helps in determining the student’s ability to recognize words, their meanings, reading methods and capability to understand. The inventory is in a form of a test that contains information and materials needed to assess the student. Before assessing a student one should inform them that it is not an examination and also during the session the teacher should encourage the student by applauding to a well read text. The teacher should also consider the emotional status of the child, prior knowledge and other professionals who have previously tutored the student.

There are many types of reading inventory teachers are allowed to use any that bet fits the students. Reading skills is the ability to comprehend fluently what is written on paper. They include word attack skills, fluency skills, comprehension and critical thinking skills. Below is reading inventory for a second grade child to analyze his reading abilities using the various assessment tools.

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An informal inventory

Types of textsStory bookFictional textDialogue textWord accuracy4 words per a hundred7 words per a hundred10 wordsComprehension level90%80%48%Rate of words per minute50 words40 words29 wordsReading levelindependentInstructionalfrustration


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