“An is trap by the Earth’s atmosphere

“An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore is a documentary that tell us about global warning. He told us that global warning involves with solar radiation in a form of light waves that is passing through the atmosphere. Most of this radiation is absorbed by the Earth and warms it.

Some of the energy is radiated back into space by Earth in a form of infrared waves. During this process, some if the outgoing infrared radiation is trap by the Earth’s atmosphere and warms it. In return, it keeps the temperature at a liveable and in a somewhat constant level. However, the atmospheric layer is now being thicken by harmful pollution because of the infrared waves are being trapped and warming more worldwide.

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Thought the documentary, Al Gore is targeting people who wanted to know more about global warming and those who wanted to make a change need to stop the current unrealized harm that global warning has cause. He performs his presentation in front of a live audience and an audience who is diverse. In return, we can assume that if the audience is attending to his presentation will have little or no knowledge about the situation at hand and it is likely that they have not done much of anything in order to prevent global from becoming a future dilemma. The documentary begins with a beautiful peaceful visual of a flowing river with rustling leaves and chirping bird which start the audience to have an idea of what will cease to exist and what they will lose if global warming does not cease. Graphs from the scientific research has yet become the same time and they were easy for everyone to understand due to the explanation from Al Gore. He explains that the graph measured CO2 and the temperature related to measurements. He then continued to explain that when there is more carbon dioxide then the temperature will become warmer.

He also includes that CO2 measurement is higher now than ever before the scientist’s project have dangerous increase in less than 50 years if there’s no change.Al Gore make sure that during his speech he use visual that have sentimental value and that can also be remember by the viewers once the documentary is finish. For example, he shows many photographs of the degenerate landmark across the world. Many of which are well known to majority of viewers even if they have just heard the name.

He used his past included a fellow classmate asking if the east coast South America and West Coast Africa were once join together. He ended the story with a comical statement while also stating the answer to his fellow classmate’s question.This story telling technique allowed his presentation to appear more upbeat and entertaining to his audience rather than dull with only statistic. When he was not using the many picture and video consuming mostly the drastic change that are taking place he would shows the graphs of the scientific study and predictions for the near future all because of global warming. The mountains that were once covered with snow but now there are dry and desolate. The glaciers that once stood 700 feet tall but now it is crack and crumble only to melt in the infracted warmed waters, lakes that once flowed freely down their lively paths now is almost ceased to exist and even trees that were once colourful are now weak and drained of pigment. There is also strong argument because the nature spoke for themselves and no one can argue against the facts they can see with their own eyes and now children will never or no longer being able to see or enjoy nature being.

It hopefully gave the viewers the urge to change their way in order to fight the bigger crisis that may come in the future because of global warming. Like Al Gore said, “This is not really a political issue, so much as it is a moral issue, if we allow global warming to happen it is deeply unethical.” Al Gore is a great example of authority on the topic of global warming. He has a great knowledge on the subject from his constant research and is looked up by many people because of his political since he is a well know political figure.In conclusion, Al Gore’s purpose for this documentary is to inform the people of global warming and how it is effecting the earth. It shows how it will severely affect us in the future if we don’t act fast on it. He wants everyone to realize this is something to be starting to worry about and not put it off any longer.

It is necessary to encourage everyone can make a change. In Al Gore’s own words, ” It’s separating the truth from the fiction and the accurate connections from the misunderstandings is a part of what we are and what we learn here but when the warning are accurate and based on the science that we as human being, whatever country we live in have to find a way to make sure the warning are heard and responded to.


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