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An escapee from North Korea, So Yeon, said ¨We were trained all our lives to worship the Kim regime, even when people were dying all around me I never thought the leaders were the problem, I just wondered if I was going to die” (Persio).

North Korea has been in and out of the news for many years ranging from inhuman things, nuclear threats and missile tests; so is it time for the United States to intervene. The United States right now are in South Korea for support because they are apart of the United States allies. North Korea and South Korea basically split because of different ideas about how to rule and who was mentoring them.

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( Staff)From 1948 till the present the Kim regime has been in power of North Korea. In 1945 the split of Korea happened, after the end of Japanese control (Schallhorn). Now with Kim Jong Un as dictator the country has been in the focus of international attention for its military actions, nuclear weapons testing and human right violations.The rulers adopted confucianism because it had a focus on the relationship between hierarchy and peasant (North Korea). North Korea has 1.2 million members in their military in which men and women have to spend full time 5-12 years but part time they have to spend 40 years in the military, they can start in the military as young as 17 years old.

The military in North Korea makes up 9.1% of the labor force. The estimated military spending was 825 million in 2014, but the total was uncertain because North Korea is actively making/testing nuclear bombs and missiles and other things we are not sure of since 2016 (Korea, North). Though the armed forces has 9.1% of labor there is an labor organization controlled by the government that controls the rest of the labor force for North Korea.

An 8 hour work day is the normal, but most of the North Koreans work 14-16 hours while production is wanted to be bigger. Children under 16 are not allowed to work, although at school, children work in factories or on farms to meet production goals set by North Korean government(Korea, North). The production must be met for many reasons one of them being their population. As of July 2015 24,983,205 people lived in North Korea.

Because North Korea is widely populated they have 123 hospital beds per 10,000 koreans. Their infant mortality rate is 23.7% per 1000 births, but 4.6% of children under five suffer from severe malnutrition.

North Korea claims that all of its population has access to free health care, but some of the international aid agencies have reported that the basic healthcare needs of the population are not being met by the North Korean government (Korea, North). Also its been reported that North Korea has a massive shortages of homes. This shortage is a result from the government’s early stress on industrial rather than residential construction.

Housing although being free is overcrowded without some basic amenities, basic amenities meaning water, toilets and sinks. Also only 4% of apartments have central heating. The household average is 4.4 people and most koreans live in two roomed houses.So now comes the question should the United States intervene? Here’s the reasons why the United States should not intervene. In October 2006 North Korea tested a nuclear device, which was a surprise to the rest of the world because North Korea had been in negotiation in 2003 to prevent the development of nuclear weapons. Kim Jong Un agreed to end or stop nuclear testing and development in exchange for food from the United States in 2010(North Korea).

North Korea has since gone back on their word and began developing and testing nuclear devices again.  This proves that North Korea cannot be trusted to come up with agreements and keep up their part of the bargain. In 2012 Kim Jong Un agreed to end or stop North Korea’s nuclear weapon testing and development along with North Korea’s uranium enrichment, if the United States would give the North Korea 240,000 tons of food. Also Kim Jong Un agreed to allow inspectors from other countries in to monitor North Korea’s main nuclear complex. Barack Obama asked Kim Jong Un to cancel all of the planned and possible nuclear and missile tests.(North Korea) The end or stop of nuclear test and development was a lie because, in April of 2012 Kim Jong Un amended the constitution to declare North Korea a nuclear armed state. Which only makes us look bad, because the United States trusted North Korea which North Korea took advantage of.

North Korea claimed that the launch in December of 2016 was to put a satellite into orbit, but the United States saw the action as a nuclear test. This proves they are still testing nuclear missiles. In February 2013 North Korea announced its third nuclear test and said they were going to restart nuclear testing and development at its yongbyon nuclear scientific research center which is their main nuclear research complex. In September 2016 an underground nuclear test was detected by United States military and was had the power of 10 kilo tons. On February 12, 2017 after president Trump took office North Korea launched a long range ballistic missile (North Korea).

So North Korea is still obviously very invested in its nuclear testing and development while also trying to scare the United States. Which is a reason that intervening is not a good idea. If we go into North Korea the United States would simply going into North Korea blind. The United States doesn’t know how many missiles and bombs North Korea has and how much more North Korea can make and how fast North Korea can make them. A North Korean Soldier fled to the south was found to have antibodies of anthrax, which triggers concerns that Kim Jong Un has weaponized the bacteria. The man who was either exposed or vaccinated for anthrax had developed immunity to this deadly disease.

This discovery is causing concern in Seoul, Korea because the disease can kill at least 80 percent of people who are exposed to the disease in 24 hours. “The vaccine is expected to be developed in 2019″stated by UPI. ” Korean neighbors fear Pyongyang will try and test anthrax-laden warheads to see if the disease can be loaded onto missiles and survive the whole flight,” which the Sun of UK reported. Which could mean we are not only fighting a nuclear war but what could turn to be pandemic of anthrax disease (Steinbuch).Is intervening the right option for the United States since the United State are allies with South Korea and because of the inhuman things North Korea’s government is causing or turning their head on. A November afternoon a North Korean soldier tried running across the DMZ just to get out of North Korea, while his former soldier unit followed him firing 40 bullets. The soldier collapsed bleeding a lot after getting shot in the leg, but the soldier was able to survive to the hospital where he had many surgical operations. This was a sign on how desperate North Koreans are to escape North Korea.

Oh the soldier as he was identified as, is not the only soldier this year to try and escape North Korea. For example, In June two other soldiers fled North Korea. Oh’s body has offered many information to South Korea’s government on why he and others have fled North Korea. His stomach had parasites and only a couple raw kernels of corn suggesting that Oh was suffering from malnutrition (Persio). Two North Korean soldiers have made it over to South Korea, one of the soldiers was found to have parasite worms in his stomach. The worms one of which was 11 inches, showed the hygiene and food problems that are common in North Korea.

The farmers that are in poverty in North Korea because they use human waste as fertilizer for their crops, making it possible that the waste is contaminating vegetables grown in the soil.(Norman). Which confirm the reports of malnutrition among the North Korean military. So Yeon who is a former North Korean soldier said “after six months to a year of service we would stop menstruating because of our malnutrition and the stressful environment we were in.” (Persio).

18 million out of 25 million North Koreans depend on North Korea’s rations of food and the same amount of people are suffering from food insecurity. 41% of the population considered to be malnourished in North Korea (Periso). Soldiers from North Korea’s army are being given months off to scrounge around farming fields to find food. “The officials know better than anyone that they must feed their soldiers in order to maintain morale,”(Norman) Meaning they know they have to feed their soldiers and keep them healthy or the government will push them down levels in the military. There are countless soldiers in North Korea who cannot even walk from malnourishment even with the extra given time off to find food.

The UN is sending rice and fertilizer to North Korea but nothing is being given to North Korea’s ordinary people(Westcott). The North Korean deputy ambassador to the UK, who fled to South Korea in August of 2016 said “when Kim Jong Un first came to power I was hopeful that he would make reasonable and rational decisions to save North Korea from poverty, but I soon fell into despair watching him purging officials for no proper reasons.”(Persio)In conclusion the United States should intervene but not push so hard that North Korea has any reason to bomb anyone.

This is because United States are allies with South Korea and also the United States is to keep security over Japan. The United States needs to proceed with caution since we have no clue, exactly how much nuclear bombs or missiles North Korea has already made and is making right now. The United States doesn’t want to start a nuclear war, this is because there would be alot of countries that will be destroyed if the war became real. The United States is very strong and has a very disciplined military, the numbers might be low for soldiers, but the soldiers can go up against the biggest army on the planet and still pull up victorious.

As of now there is no exact clue what the win would even be. North Korea would say they can take down a super power but all the United States would do is create a war that is not needed. Which is why we should intervene a little bit right now to get rid of the nuclear threats, testing and development, but if the nuclear threats were to be much worse and or actually cause a bombing of any country able to or unable to defend themselves the United States would have a more legitimate reason to go to war with North Korea, and the victory would be the security of the United States, and its allies and destruction of a country with huge nuclear advantages that are trying to take advantage of countries able to or unable to defend themselves.


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