An and ensure much productivity with much control.

An ever-increasing concern about learning system in ourschool always reigns. But what is wrong with the system of child education? Wesend our children to school so that they can prepare themselves to compete withthe continuously changing world. But the schools hold their traditional systemfor years.

It seems to be a factory where the only intent is to compel thechildren to work and ensure much productivity with much control.Problem 1: IndustrialAge MentalityWe basically educate our children by groups and controltheir movement by a bell. The children have to follow the piles of instructionthrough the day. Stand up, sit down, open your book, and go to page forty andso on. The schools award the children for obligation and bestbehavior than they exactly want to express their passion. This refers to theindustrial age values which are very important for factory workers as they areto follow instructions and do exactly what is prescribed for them. But in modern world mentality, our children should havegiven chance to communicate and collaborate with others and develop suchskills. Problem 2: Lack ofAutonomy and ControlExperts said that autonomy is an innate psychological need.

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But in the current education system, there is a complete lack of autonomy andcontrol. At school, children are controlled by the enforcing system. But, ifyou want to do an important job you need to manage your time, take yourdecision meaning what to do and when to do. But school life is very opposite tothis practice. As a result, our children cannot change their own pathway. Theyjust learn to follow whatever is set for them and go into the exact route thatis predetermined for them. Problem 3:Inauthentic LearningChildren at school do not learn authentically.

They learn bymemorizing instead. They are to memorize some certain knowledge illustrated inthe syllabus. The system has set some information to must memorize for everystudent. Here knowledge is recognized by how much a student can write in theexam script. Such unauthentic learning often disappears just after theexam has finished. Rather learning should be much deeper and more authenticthan merely memorizing and writing on the script.

Problem 4: No Scopefor Passion and InterestThe current education system educates every student the samething in the same way and at the same time. Every student has different passionand interest. This is important. They don’t have full freedom to express theirpassion and interest to whatever they feel in. Here the system doesn’trecognize their question like ‘what am I good at?’ or ‘what do I want to do?’Problem 5: LecturingIn the current system of education, children are compelledto sit for more than 6 hours. It is basically a dehumanizing experience.

Thekids with the finger on their lips and not allowed to interact with others. Butthe different student has the different level of understanding. Also, they havedifferent learning capacity. This needs to be considered. A student sittingbehind may not catch the lecturer’s point properly.

But the modern technologyhas made it possible to learn anything at any time. At the EndIf we want our children to learn effectively, no doubt, itis a demand of time to fundamentally change the ongoing system of education.Otherwise, what education will yield will be no more incumbent.


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