An council (ECOSOC) and19 worked on how Brexit

  An 8-year-old was waiting for her Daddy near the window. He was really late. When she opened2    the door, he looked very tense and worried. She asked him,” what is wrong papa?”. It was the3    year 2008, there was a huge derivative loss in the bank where my dad worked (Gulf Bank,4    Kuwait).

The primary reason being the bank made investments in exotic derivative products5    without a clear idea of its potential losses. This led to a loss of $720 million which almost6    eroded the capital of the bank. An institution that was in existence since the 1960s where my7    father had worked for more than a decade was on the verge of closure. It was sad to see people8    queuing outside the bank to withdraw their life-time savings. Although the crisis was solved9    with Government support, it left a significant impact on my mind. This led to my ever-widening10    interest and passion in finance and accounting.

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11     12    My curiosity led me to pursue various accounting as well as financial Olympiads which indulged13    deep into the realms of accounting possibilities from interpreting laws governing companies14    and partnership to taxing of non-profit organizations, accounting helped me understand the way15    businesses function. I learned to apply economic policies by taking into consideration the16    social challenges facing a country by exploring online platforms from Ed x and Coursera about17    poverty to prosperity by Oxford x to innovation and global strategy by IIMBx. An enthusiastic18    Model UN participant I have taken part in various economic and social council (ECOSOC) and19    worked on how Brexit impacts International Finances to Antarctic treaty secretariat where we20    debated on the impact of climate change on the global economy and its economic implications. A21    passionate dancer I have often strived to use creative mediums such as classical and22    contemporary dance forms to spread awareness on various social issues as these have23    significant impact on our economy.

I have choreographed and performed various dances on24    climate change and need to save environment. This allowed me to combine multidisciplinary25    subjects & learn in depth as I wish to become a financial analyst evaluating risk and trends26    for middle eastern countries and help in its economic growth. This is why I wish to pursue27    course NN34 in London School of Economics.

28     29    I was inspired to study in London School of Economics after reading an article by Professor30    Tommaso Palermo on the risk culture in financial institutions. I found it quite engaging as it31    is highly relevant and it is one of my dreams to engage with professor Tommaso with a32    discussion based on his study in the UK and its applicability in other countries. I hope to33    contribute to the research work in LSE during the duration of my course , there is a lot of34    opportunity to conduct research on how oil economies struggling financially due to big oil35    price reduction and what can be done to better plan and implement big changes and I am looking36    forward to the research culture in LSE which is not something available in my country and I am37    always filled with questions. I want an academically rigorous life as for me accounting and38    finance are not subjects, they are my passion. It will give me an opportunity to contribute my39    own personal experiences as an Indian with a multicultural exposure from the Middle-East a40    table to deliberate & discuss the various problems and become proactive in building solutions41    for the various problems that MENA region face today. This would be my first step in realizing42    the dream of an 8-year-old.


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