An the street to pull the child

An action is ethical when it benefited the person taking it, while on other people’s its side effects and meaningless .Good results for individuals are more important than other’s results. People only cares for others only where they know well that they will benefit. Putting your own welfare before the needs of other is just about the best possible way to achieve that objective. Ethics only applies to people because they have the ability to make good or bad choices.Altruism can be the act of an individual giving up really important goals, life projects and other things that are a must have .it doesn’t respect each person’s rights to be an individual who pursues their own interests. Desire to help others without regard for your own saw a child riding a bicycle towards a busy street on oncoming cars ,you ran into the street to pull the child risking your life in that process.
(Ayn Rand), nobody must sacrifice himself or others for himself. Every person’s duty is to achieve happiness not sacrifices happiness for someone else.Comparable, Ethical egoism and utilitarianism both focus its analysis on whether the motives action it’s right or wrong.
Incomparable, Deontology deals with intention and motives and focuses mainly on whether an act is right or wrong, egoism focuses mainly on self-interest .utilitarianism focus only on results and effects of type of actions, some action can be harmful to individuals but maximizes good results for most people. Individual has a greater value than others, it is ethical to act in one’s own self-interest even if it may harm others.


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