Among of human life as well as the

Among the various social groups,  is the first and most vital arena for the development of the individualand the parents are the most significant people in the one’s life.

It is theindividual’s primary environment from the time he is born until the day hedies; therefore its effect on the individual is also most significant and longlasting. Home environment is the most important institution for human existenceand perpetuation of human life as well as the development of variouspersonality traits. An ideal home environment is the one which has properreward system to strengthen the desired behavior. It also has a keen interestin and love for the child. There is also provision of opportunities to express viewsfreely, and where parents put fewer restrictions to discipline but at the sametime maintaining their authority. Kaur.

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J, Rana.J and Kaur R.(2009) supportsthe conditions of an ideal home by stating that the findings of their studyobserved a relationship between parental attributes and adolescents discipline.Researchshows that development of adolescent behavior is strongly influenced by howwell his or her family functions. For instance, Albers L.J,Doane J.A, MintzJim(2004) found a close relationship between disturbed home environment andpoor relationships later in life.

This is supported by another study done byDevie S.M, Kavitha K. (2002) who also found a very close association betweenhome factors and scholastic backwardness characterized by students’indiscipline. The main factors that influence children’s character are parentalfactors.

According to Baumrind (1967), authoritative parental practice is thebest way of bringing up children since there is issue oriented induction. In addition, there is high degree of warmthand support, However, children brought up by the authoritarian parents who arepunitive and power assertive methods becomes antisocial and emotionallymaladjusted. Pfiffner, Judice&Rathore supports  this view by Baumrind done by Pfiffner,Judice&Rathore (2005). However, there is a gap in the existing knowledge inthis area because most researches have concentrated on the superficial elementsof parenting behaviors and their effects on children, failing to focus on theunderlying forces that influence these acts.


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