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American English is totally different from British English, but do not forget that there are many dialects throughout America, as well. The New England area is probable to be more representative than the older English, perhaps even any dialect still alive in England, but if they drawl, it is nothing like the expanded drawls of the Deep South. You can hear weekly News programs from shortwave Radio. It has reason to use Latin so as to communicate with a Greek in Rome, there is no other common language and dodge possible difficulty to be written. English is global language in the world I’ll discuss some points in the history of English.
First, the history of how English organized in dictionaries and grammar books, the grammatical rules of the language is not simply writing down for codification of the grammar of a language, but commonly means that one or two or more rules from different dialects will have to be chosen as the main one. Codification suggest that a standard diversity is established, and generally this will be based on one of the varieties or dialects of the language. The codification of English happen from about the 16th century, codification of English language can be track back in Britain, in 8th century, during that time, Norm’s point of view was demanded by the authors like John Walker. On the other hand, the codification of English was undertaken by Webster. Britain advantages present lexicographical


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