Although are dealing with some pretty sophisticated people

Although Mesopotamia, Egypt, and The Indus Valley share a lot of physical environments in the development of early civilization, there are minor differences in cultural, agricultural, and social structures. Different civilizations are depended on their traits; For example, certain agricultural, political, environmental, and social; Filled with sophisticated monuments, certain trade routes, and how early humans survive.

This story of Gilgamesh takes place in a region known as Mesopotamia which is a Greek term meaning “between two rivers.” Shockingly, Mesopotamia is between two rivers known as the Tigris and the Euphrates. This is super important because Mesopotamia is the location of one of the earliest civilizations, so we know from the start that we are dealing with some pretty sophisticated people just based upon where they live. They were forced to create and develop breakthroughs in technology due to their environment. They lived next to two rivers which created fertile land good for planting, but it also created problems with had to periodic flooding. So, they had to create ways to overcome the flooding. We see all this from document 1.

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According to document 3 (Reed Huts in the Marshes of Southern Iraq. photo. p.15) – it is showing the river banks and swampy lands at the head of the Persian Gulf, it was used for antiquity, mostly when trades happen floods arise people constantly creating new technology to prevent it. Based on the article in document 4 (Violence and Order in the Babylonian New Year’s Festival on page 20), every human development celebrates their largest and most important festival is that of the New Year, which falls in the Babylonian month of Nisan and coincides with the Spring Equinox. This was a celebration of revival, the promise of fertility in the renewed cycles of the seasons.Even though it is a celebration. In this festival violence gets involved, in the early days during the festival, after relating the origins of the gods from mating.

It is a myth that tells us how Tiamat gathered an army of old gods and monsters to destroy the younger generation of gods. Every civilization has its own language and the way it communicates. As seen in document 5 (Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal p.

22) It is a picture of the Mesopotamian Cylinder seal, it is often used for legal documents or the identity of an individual, it is made out of wet clay. This particular seal symbolizes to those who attributes fertility and war, they are indicated by the date cluster in the hand, also a knife, it is cutting away out of the mountain and sun rising. As all of this information said above we can tell that civilizations can be economic, agricultural, and more.Second, The Indus Valley and the physical environment in the development of early civilizations of Indus Valley. In document 2(River -Valley civilization, 3500-1500 B.C.E p.

13). It is a picture of Indus Valley map, including the river which can be used as trade routes. It shows that it was very convoluted. There are numerous parts where it is indicated green -as in the Extent of trading contacts. In bonding relevance to the document 7(Mud-brick Fortification wall of the citadel at Harappa photo.32).

It is built upon a very elevated high-rise and massive number of man-hours of labor; the fortification wall, it is for massive radical climate changes, also tolerant of dry conditions, the stabilization of sand dunes; Sometimes heavy rainfall comes once in a while. It is made for the changes of the landscape caused by shifts and courses of rivers. The Indus Valley cities were abandoned sometime after 1900 B.C.E.

Civilizations like Indus valley isn’t so proficiently. They suffered something called “System Failure” -A breakdown of interrelationship of political, social and environment. Today, in recent study brings to the end that today, the Indus Valley is played important role in the life and decay of the Indus civilization.Egypt, it became a country when small villages and groups began forming along the Nile, then between 3900 and 3100BCE. Two particular villages that grew into power, were Upper and Lower Egypt. For example, showing a map of Egypt. It is the great Egypt map (document 6: Map 1.4 Ancient Egypt) – indicating the well-known Nile River, flowing south to north.

This is a great physical development for the Egyptian, since in the view of the fact that the Nile River is such an extraordinary advantage; Everything depended on the river in ancient times as it still does today to a large extent. It is simply Egypt’s lifeblood. Even with all the modern progress attributed to today.All inclusive, the physical environment of the three civilizations was similar but differ at some point. One country’s civilization can cause good or evil economically, socially, environmentally, or physically. It can change big about the country and that in this world every country has a civilization, but some might be in form of developing unhurried, downtempo, but some might be rapid, however it will all in due course lead to a human development.


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