Although is from chapter 6; page 162, question

Although my error was unintentional I cannot deny that it happened. Please know that I am here to learn. I know I am lucky to be here to pursue my higher studies. I am breathless with fear at the thought that my mistake could ruin my academic journey. I had no idea that I submitted the wrong copy of the assignment. To make sure that I do not commit unintentional plagiarism, I always make sure to do the plagiarism checking as a final procedure of completing any assignment to make sure that my work is original.

The assignment questions were posted on UM Learn and I normally download the assignment before reading the questions. Then, I will start answering or look for answers while and after reading the textbook. The textbook source I refer to answer question 1 is from chapter 6; page 149 – 150, question 2 is from chapter 6; page 162, question 3 from chapter 7, page 193, and question 4 from chapter 8, page 219. I found these sources from the textbook; I will normally copy the text from textbook and then re-read and re-write according to my understanding before answering the questions, also I make additional notes as I revise to understand better before writing it in my own words according to my understanding.

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Since this was a straightforward questions and answers type of assignment, I was just required to provide simple and straightforward answers to the questions. I presumed this assignment must be written in my own words and not copied directly from the materials provided through Desire to Learn or textbook as Professor Justine mentioned it in the assignment outline. Honestly, I was very surprised by the allegation. I did not realize that I have committed an academic misconduct until Professor Justine brought it up to my attention through email.

As soon as I read the email, I emailed her back regarding it and the professor said that the Department of Psychology will contact me pertaining to this matter. And a few days later, I received an allegation letter from the Department of Psychology for academic misconduct. I had always taken/ viewed academic misconduct very seriously. Academic misconduct is a critical offence and it is an immoral act. It is generally any kind of dishonesty occurs during the course of formal learning process. When I was accused of academic misconduct, I was truly shocked and frightened. I am very aware of the seriousness of academic misconduct. Especially being in my final year, I would not jeopardize my future, reputation and my journey in completing my degree.

I feel humiliated and regretful of my actions; I did not allocate enough time to work my assignment sooner. While I know that this is not an excuse, I was under so much pressure due to personal conflicts, which I have been dealing with for a while now. Lately, there has been a lot going on in my life to a point where I was losing my mind and in fact, I was and still am trying to do everything in my power to even stay afloat, which resulted in not paying attention to my work and ended up submitting the wrong assignment.

If given a chance, I would definitely reverse my action and put in more time to review my work and submit the correct assignment. As my intentions were not to commit a plagiarism, not just in this course but also not in any other courses I took in the past. I have learnt that I should allocate more time to work on assignments and also allocate enough time to review the assignment, at least a several times before and after finalizing the work before submission also always double check to see if the correct assignment has been submitted. With a heavy heart, I would like to truly apologize for my disgraceful action and hope that you will consider my statement before coming to a decision.

I also sincerely appreciate this opportunity given to me to explain myself and I am more than willing to answer any questions to clarify any doubts concerning this matter. 


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