Although offerings and recommendations, one question needs

Although gamification is an effective strategy forinfluencing and motivating the behavior of people, it still exists limitationsin the practical applications. In order to achieve the desired impact, thegamified part of a campaign needs to be well executed to reach the target consumers.However, the company have the basic skills to apply gamification but stillrequires marketing agency’s assistance to achieve the intended effect. Thismeans increasingly managerial costs and potential outcome is partially relianton company’s partner.

Moreover, the target consumer of the ‘Hello Pregnancy!’app is pregnant women who will definitely end up using it after delivery. As aresult, consumer churn rate is relatively high and long-term relationship islimited. Additionally, no accepted industry standard for measuring theeffectiveness and results of gamification is available (Lucassen& Jansen, 2014) as it is hard to say that people purchase aparticular product because they enjoy the game or sales increase is a result ofan offered experience is fun. In contrast with traditional advertising campaigns,gamification requires substantial costs and time investments in exchange foruncertain, unmeasurable results. Therefore, it is not convincing for stakeholdersto invest money because of unclear added values as a consequence.

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Another potentialrisk in this plan is data privacy. It is widely acknowledged that marketinginformation revolution has enabled marketers to become more efficient in termsof personal data acquisition and assessment of the needs of individualcustomers (Blattberg et al., 1994). With the growing applicationof the Internet as well as smartphone apps as tools for conducting businesspractices, privacy and ethics issues become even more salient and pressing (Caudill& Murphy, 2000). When consumer data gathered from the app andthe online club allow for personalized product offerings and recommendations, onequestion needs to be considered: Should a company be allowed to acquire andstore information about their consumer without enough knowledge or consent? Byusing cookies and various types of tracking software, new types of data arecollected, such as click-and-viewing patterns, which can be used to profile andtarget individual consumers (Milne, 2000).

However, thisinformation gathering procedure occurs without the immediate knowledge of usersand can be considered as a form of privacy violation, because information isbeing collected confidentially. Further to this, when users’ personal data arestored on a database platform and then are analysed through data mining, thepossibility that this data will be accessed at a later date and used forpurpose other than that for which it was intended increases (Thomas& Maurer, 1997). Certainly, for many people, pregnancy andunborn entity are supremely private, and few people beyond the pregnant womenherself have access to the fetus data. Therefore, the potential outcome of bigdata is risky, uncontrollable, and challengeable.


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