All earth. Even if human beings empty the

All that humankind has done, likecountless species on this planet, is mere to die out after consuming theresources it needs to survive. For humans, it could be catastrophic. However,for the tree on Earth, which has countless species, it may be just a leaf thatloses its nutrients. The earth has natural regeneration of life that happenswithout human interference. The evidence implies that clearly, man needs theEarth. The Earth does not need to be saved; it is human beings that needprotection.

Even the desert is part of the earth.In the desert, there is life supported by Oasis. Oasis is water bodies founddeep in the desert. The forest too is a part of the earth. Even if human beingsempty the Earth’s resources, pollute the oceans of the earth and destroy thesnow-capped mountain forests and forests, the quality of the earth’s objectswill not be detrimental to the mainland. As a result, the earth’s crust willnot break apart as it moves and the land will not disappear, but the materialneeded for the living beings will not be produced, at most only the land-likechanges and the mass extinctions.

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Instead of protecting the earth thatcannot be described as unpromising, the protection of the planet protects humanbeings and other life on the same planet as humans. Man is dependent on theearth and the planet in some ways. If the man were to be removed from theearth, the life of plants, animals, and birds would continue unperturbed. Therewould be peace and tranquility. On the other hand, when plants and animals areremoved; man would starve to death. Man is unable to survive without earthsupport. The earth is a source of food, water, and energy.

The timber fromforests provides man with habitat and firewood for warmth. The sun provideshuman with sunlight and vitamin D.Natural resources conservation isimportant in conserving water, forests, and energy. The earth has a continuousand sustainable energy conversion from one form to another.  Energy resources change form in what is referredas energy conversion. Without the energy balance through energy conversion, manwould be affected. Lack of water can lead to thirst, and severe lack of wateris a threat not only to human life but also other forms of life.

In the world,there is a natural balance of resources and life that the same resources cansupport. High population depletes the natural balance due to food chainconstraints. The high human population needs water, food and energy suppliesfrom the earth. Whenever there is severe famine inthe world animals, and people die due to starvation. Death due to hungerreduces the populations of animals and humans. The population reduction createsa new equilibrium and balance that can be supported by the natural resources ofwater, food, and energy. This is a vicious cycle. The effect on Human ismassive.

Regarding trees and forests, the leaves and tree parts rot and areconverted into humus a natural fertilizer. Large water bodies can support thelife of fish, frogs and other amphibious life. Fish and water are man’s friendregarding supporting life.Based on a class video, plants andespecially trees provide fresh air. Patients’ rooms face the window to let infresh air and also exhibit the beauty of trees for aesthetic purposes.

Thefresh air and the beautiful surrounding give patients an opportunity to feelbetter and heal faster. Nature has a way of providing people with images ofbeauty. The leisurely walk in the park is ordinarily refreshing. The naturalenvironment of plants, trees, and animals are usually peaceful until humansinterfere.Man is naturally destructive.

Theforests provide man with timber, energy, fuel, and medicine. The forests arehabitats for wild animals. Forests act as a windbreak that slows down strongwinds and during rain controls storms. The Native Indians in the Amazon use theforests and the rivers as a source of provision. From the wood, the nativeIndians get wild fruits and fish from the rivers in the Amazon.

The forestsprovide a source of warm regarding firewood. The Native Indians use the forestsroots and tree backs as a source of medicine. The rich flora and fauna arebeneficial to man.

The earth and its resources accordingto man need to be saved. The question is protected from what or who? Man is thesole threat to earth and its resources. Man depends to a significant extent onthe planet for food, water, and other provisions. On the other hand, the earthbenefits negatively from man. Man creates imbalance and upsets the naturalequilibrium found in nature. Man destroys the environment throughinfrastructural development, pollutes water and the environment through carbonemissions. The natural environment on the earth has a natural self-recoveryecosystem. Rivers undergo cleaning through wetlands and underground water.

Thereeds are natural water purifier before release into the large water bodies.The mangroves forests support the fish development and clean water before theyenter the sea.In brief, man has a lot to lose fromthe earth than the earth has to lose from man. Man derives different forms offood from the earth. The fruits, tree roots and some leaves are edible.

Comparing the cost-benefit analysis man benefits the most from the earth thanthe earth benefits from the earth. Man gets food; water and energy form the earthand its natural resources. In the process of exploiting the earth’s resources,man has contributed significantly to earth’s degradation. The earth canregenerate itself without human interference. Humans cannot survive without theplanet. The earth provides man with air, food, beauty, and energy. Without theearth’s provision, man is lost.

The significant sources of earth provision areessential for man’s comfort. Therefore, human needs to protect the environmentand the earth as opposed to the planet defending man.     


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