Alex within the family, eventually causing the breakup

Alex TranMrs.SobylyaEnglish II PreAP17 January 2018                                                   Death coming up the hill analysis In the novel in verse death coming up the hill Chris Crowe, Crowe illustrates that adultery and self interest can cause a difficult destruction of families and create ones hardships.To illustrate how adulterous lust and self interest causes a unfavorable situation in families, Crowe uses the term “complicated”  in page 2 to disclose the facts that Ashe’s mother’s affair with the African American man caused a strain and discrepancy within  the family, eventually causing the breakup of Ashe’s family.In which Crowe is also alluding the fact with the term “complicated” that Ashe would either choose to live with his dad and go to college for free but not being able to support his mother and sister or going to Vietnam and risking his life to fight in order to support his mother and baby sister.In addition Crowe is also indicating that the government decision to stay in the war while anti war protesters fought back was a “complicated” decision in which caused thousands of young American men to die for a futile cause.Nevertheless another term Crowe also uses in this novel in verse is “relentless” as shown on page 99 to tell the brutality of the Vietnam war during the Tet Offensive during 1968 which foreshadows the future of Ashe.Crowe is also implying with the term “relentless” that the beliefs of Ashe’s mother is very compelling and she is not the person to shy away from her values in which her persistence to her values indirectly caused the breakup of their family.      Crowe’s strange format of the entire novel in verse being in haikus in which every syllable represents a fallen soldier magnifies the scale of the brutality that the Vietnam war was and displays this knowledge in order for readers to truly feel immersed in Ashe’s emotions to the decision to enter the war and possibly die to support his mother and baby sister or live with his father and live. Crowe also exemplifies how people’s self interest can destroy lives with the haiku format with the arrogant decision of the government causing the uncountable deaths of many, and also how Ashe’s mother actions indirectly leading Ashe to  join the death toll of the vicious Vietnam War.            Turning back to page 100, Crowe uses imagery of Ashe’s mother reacting to JFK’s death  to demonstrate how the intense personality of Ashe’s mother can influence the choices she makes, in which Crowe alludes to the fact that Ashe’s mother made a short but life changing experience for everybody in her family. Similarly in which another instance of Crowe using imagery which is located in page 102 in which Ashe realizes that his mother had a child with another man, in which Crowe conservatively implies that Ashe’s mother was reckless in her act and foreshadows the self interest decision of Ashe’s father on staying together as a family. Consequently this propels readers to truly understand that one person’s decision will not only affect oneself but a circle of beings around them.


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