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Aldiss are artificial intelligence (AI), loneliness and isolation. Through this short story, Brian Aldiss tries to raise a few ethical questions regarding possible ways to deal with future challenges human race might face, such as the risk of overpopulation, the development of artificial intelligence, obesity or increased isolation. The solutions presented in the short story do not solve these problems, but they raise more issues: is AI real, equal to humans? Is reproductive control a solution to overpopulation? Are synthetic mechanisms a solution to obesity? theme of artificial intelligence, or android humans, is central to the short story, as the plot develops around a synthetic boy designed to help a woman feel less lonely. The story presents several forms of life-like robots and intelligence: Teddy – the bear which is a thinking toy designed to comfort humans, David, the serving-man type. As the speech of Henry shows, artificial life forms were developed to deal with some of the humanity’s problems such as obesity, loneliness, and isolation.


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