Alcoholism-Nature vs Nurture Debate


Alcoholism can have an effect on anybody. It has massive outlays as it relates to cultures. Even though we have some idea on alcohol, all we don’t know is the exact root of this dilemma.

Some researchers are repeatedly looking for answers to the long-standing nature versus nurture debate. Dissimilar scrutinies are slit between a biological and a psychological example. (Thomas, et al, 2003, p.1939)The analysis done on the abuse of alcohol alone shows that more than $100 billion dollars are spent annually. It is also believed that, every body in America pays up to $1000 annually to cater for the outlays of unnecessary health care, vehicle accidents, crime and mislaid output resultant from alcohol abuse.

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(Rutter, 2002, p.997) This research paper tries to relate alcoholism-nature vs. nurture debate to physiological psychology. To start with, “Physiological psychology is the study of the physiological basis of how we think, connecting the physical operation of the brain with what we actually say and do”. (Masters, 2001, p.346) The analysis on physiological physiology regarding alcohol shows that, alcohol displays feelings of superiority and fearless behavior and also, it reduces an individual’s fear.

Alcohol reduces an individual’s fear

Some researches done shows that alcohol serves up to reduce an individual’s echelon of self-awareness.

In his article, Jay proves that alcohol leads to the rising of acceptance and reliance. In one his quotes, “Jay adds to say one who experiences the painful reality of a death in their family may find the experience too difficult to deal with, and the feeling produced by alcohol assists in the coping process”. (Jay, 1981, p.587) Jay adds to say, alcohol helps in reducing the fear of facing some difficult issues. Finally, he concludes by addressing that alcohol helps in relieving some stressful events such as job loss, divorce among others. (Jay, 1981, p.589)

Alcohol displays feelings of superiority and fearless behavior

In his research, an author by name Rutter quoted that, “when people take in alcohol to the point of intoxication, they display feelings of superiority and fearless behavior”.

(Rutter, 2002, p.998) Rutter, proved that males who take alcohol show higher levels of violent behavior than females. The violent behavior brought by alcohol gives them the boldness of resisting any kind of fearful act.


In summary, the alcohol abuses and alcoholism have an effect on every body.

It is said to have the highest outlays in the world. The analysis done shows that no one clarification appears to be greater than the other. The research that has already been done shows that by the help of Physiological psychology, alcohol has been proved to have some benefits in ones life.

It is believed that, Alcohol displays feelings of superiority and fearless behavior as well as reducing an individual’s fear. The two are among the analyses on alcohol that have contributed a lot in boosting someone’s life.

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