Alba, to create a student dashboard framework. Technology

Alba, Jan Michael M.            IT110 – M-T                                       PROF.MJ SAMONTETitle                            :  The calculus dashboard — leveraging intelligent tutortechniques to                      provide automated fine-grained studentassessmentAuthors                       :   KristianKime, Timothy Hickey, Rebecca TorreyYear / Place Published:  2017 / Indianapolis, USAURL                            :http://ezproxy.            Thepaper is a report of the categorization and analysis of a large Calculushomework dataset in order to create a student dashboard framework. Technology InclinedItem ResponseTheory and Performance Factor Analysis will be used in the data gathering ofthe paper. Item Response Theory is used to predict a student’s ability andestimation of item parameters for each question. Performance Factors Analysisis a recent approach that breaks down problems by various skills.

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ObjectiveThe paperfocuses on obtaining data in order to develop a student dashboard frameworkthat will be able to predict the likelihood of a student in correctly answeringa specific question based on their answers in previous questions using IRT andPFA tools. Scope and SignificanceThe studycovered data that were made by students who had used or is using WebWork tosolve Calculus problems. The significance of the paper is that it will be ableto gather data in order to create a dashboard framework for the improvement ofe-learning websites and/or applications.ResultsIRT and PFA tools will be able to makeaccurate predictions of whether students will be able to answer a problem baseson their answers to previous questions.

       Title                            :  Hotel’s online booking segmentation forheterogeneous customersAuthor                         :  Z. W. Miao, T. Wei, Y.Q. LanYear/ Place Published:  2016 / Bali,IndonesiaURL                            :  http://ezproxy.mapua. Introduction            Withthe rapid development of technology, the traditional hospitality and tourismindusty has entered into the E-commerce era. There are more tourist searchingfor information and making reservations online due to its convenience. Technology InclinedThe paper isinclined in Online Reservation Systems (ORS).

Objective The paper aims to classify customers into twotypes according to their average arriving probabilities.Scope             The study covers people and establishmentsthat use online reservation systems. Significance            The significance of this study isthat it shows that customers and establishments that offer services cancompromise in terms of costs. Results            The results show that based on theStackelberg game analysis we can get three possible pricing strategies for ahotel. It suggests that in a hotel that adopts two types of contract and setprices properly, it can effectively segment the customers into two parts.

    Title                            :   K Nearest Neighbor Search forLocation-Dependent Sensor Data MANETsAuthor                         :   YukaKomai, Yuya Sasaki, Takahiro HaraYear / Place Published:   2015 / Japan URL                            :

ph:2054/document/7126920/ Introduction            Sincemobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) doesn’t use or require any specialinfrastructure, many applications that use this are to be developed in fieldssuch as military and rescue operations.Technology Inclined              The study will be focused in the applicationof MANET.Objective            Thispaper aims at reducing traffic and maintaining high accuracy of the queryresult in MANETs.ScopeApplications that use MANET.Significance             The significance of the paper is that it canhelp applications that use MANET be more precise in its query results.

 Results             By using the FA method, the traffic for datamaintenance is suppressed by cancelling updating cached data items when aneighbouring node has already cached the same data items.              Title                            :  Where2Buy: A Location-Based Shopping App withProduct-wise SearchingAuthor                         : Kin Chi Chan, Tak Leung Cheung, Siu HongLaiYear/ Place Published:   2017 / Taichung, TaiwanURL                            :             Due to the wide range of products in the market and price differencebetween shops, consumers often need to take a lot of time in order to find outthe most suitable product and shops before making any purchase.

Thus, acomparison shopping engine which can provide useful platform for consumers andshop keepers to search and compare products is rather important.TechnologyInclined             Where2Buy search for shops using the locationof users via global positioning system (GPS) that is in every smartphone.Where2Buy uses Elasticsearch engine and MongoDB to provide effective indexing,fuzzy matching in query and semi-structured data.

Objective  Theobjective of the project is to allow its user to save time and to shop moreeasily.Scope            Thetarget audience of the project are shoppers that doesn’t like wasting too muchtime looking.Significance            The significance of the project is that it helps itsusers to save time, and purchase an item for the best price possible. Results             To evaluate thesystem, they performed a user study. The participants said that using thesystem were more convenient and useful for price analysis before making apurchase.      Title                            :   Design and Implementation of A LocationBased Service Business Management Platform  Author                         :   DongWang, Zhaohui Li, Yan ChenYear / Place Published: 2017 / ChinaURL                            :

ph:2054/document/8248545/Introduction               Location-based services can be seeneverywhere today in our life. From site navigation to interest points matching,it has become invaluable to users.Technology Inclined             Geographical Information System is the corepart of a location based service. Positioning technologies such as VariousRadiolocation systems, Accelerometers and Electronic Compass and GlobalPositioning Systems.

Objective   The paper aims to create a location servicebusiness management platform based on Web. Itadopts multiple location service terminals such as vehicle terminal, shippedterminal and all kinds of hand-held terminal, to provide a complete locationservice for end users.Scope             The scope includes anyone who uses a location servicewhether an individual or an enterprise.Significance             Findings in this paper can be used to solvetransportation safety management, transportation emergency management , Vehiclepositioning and monitoring management.

   Results            The Location Service Platform basedon JSP, AJAX, Ext JS, MySQL technology is now being deployed and operated on anactual location service website. Practical operating has proved that it can becompatible with multiple classes of communication terminals and provideterminal monitoring and navigation services for end users.


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