Al stop to poverty, abuse, and premature death.Parity

Al Smith ~ Al Smith was the Democratic U.S. presidential candidate in the year of 1928. He is significant because he ran for President as a major party nominee, but lost the election to Herbert Hoover.American Plan ~ The american plan was a business approach for worker connections which was big in firms in order to defeat unions. They insisted on an open shop than a closed shop which labor activists wanted.Harlem Renaissance ~ Harlem Renaissance was a movement which took place when a NYC neighborhood was the center of African American culture. It is significant because it did not have much impact to the point where a lot of Americans didn’t realize a change had happened.KKK~ The KKK was made by white people who wanted to maintain white supremacy in the South. It is significant because they used violence, lynching, murder, and oppressed  minorities.Margaret Sanger ~ Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League. It is significant because she started discussions like menstruation, prevention of pregnancy, stop to poverty, abuse, and premature death.Parity ~ Parity was a way for setting a prices for farm goods. It is significant because it allowed farmers to earn back their work costs even if the market would change at times.Sinclair Lewis ~ Sinclair Lewis wrote Main Street which talked about life in a prairie town. It is significant because it shows the life of old-fashioned rural and their towns values.Teapot Dome ~ Teapot Dome was a scandal that occurred under Warren G. Harding presidency. It is significant because it was the most corrupt administration because of the many bribes that took place.Jazz Singer ~ Jazz singer was a movie about Al Jolson who was a famous jazz singer. It is significant because it was the first movie to actually have sound.Welfare Capitalism ~ Welfare capitalism was a way that companies were able to meet their workers’ needs. It is significant because it stopped strikes from happening and kept labors working at all times.Scopes Monkey Trial ~ The Scopes Monkey Trial was a case in which Professor Scopes was teaching evolution which was against the law. It is significant because even though he found guilty, evolutionists won in a way because Darrow (attorney) had Bryan (argued for prosecution) confess what he thought about evolution. H. L. Mencken ~ H.L.Mencken was a journalist who is an influential writer. It is significant because he was known for his satirical report on the Scopes Monkey Trial.Langston Hughes ~ Langston Hughes was an African American poet who brought attention to the culture of African American with rhythms of jazz. He is significant because he was major figure on the Harlem Renaissance.Lost Generation ~ The list generation were a group of writers who shared the belief that they were lost in the materialistic world that had no moral values. It is significant because they fled to Europe in order to escape and find values mostly in places such as Paris. National Origins Act of 1924 ~ National Origins Act was a law which restricted immigration by showing inequality against immigrants from Europe. It is significant because it was supported by KKK and stayed in effect for a period of time. A. Philip Randolph ~ A. Philip Randolph had led the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters as a civil rights leader. He is significant because he demanded that FDR create a Fair Employment Commission to fine job discrimination. Herbert Hoover ~ Herbert Hoover was a president who was blamed for the Great Depression. He is significant because he tried to use government power to bring on recovery, yet his direct relief brought disaster to his programs and his presidency. Alain Locke ~ Alain Locke wrote New Negro which became a bible in a way for the New Negro Movement. It is significant because shows how the “New Negro”  is racially proud and politically vigorous. Automobile ~ With the creation of automobiles it took place of the railroad industry as a campaigner of the economy especially with highway construction which depended on the industry. It is significant because they impacted the lives of Americans by giving them access to do things which are for their interest. Issei ~ Issei were Japanese immigrants during the war who couldn’t have U.S. citizenship because their race held them back from it. It is significant because it was a  term used in America to distinguish Japanese people.


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