Aislin not even discovered the forces of evil.

Aislin SchaperOct-28-2018EnglishGood vs Evil There are many plots and themes to William Golding’s Lord of the flies, but the most prominent one is good vs evil. The boys who are well raised british prep school boys are nothing but good and have not even discovered the forces of evil. In a very short time the once preppy and sophisticated boys become wild and crazy and lose all sense of civilization. The boys come to the island controlled by their inherit good, the longer they stay the more evil they come to possess. Good and evil are conveyed throughout different characters. For example, Simon he is the most civilized and centered boy on the island. He is the epitome of good all things good. He was the only one who realized the true beast was in fact the boys themselves.

Simon represents the good inside all humans. However Roger has no feelings towards anyone and does not care what happens to others. He is indeed a bloodthirsty lunatic.

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He actually enjoys hurting the other boys and hurting others could be considered as one of his hobbies. Roger represents the inherent evil in mankind. Throughout every situation and every character it was a message from Golding telling us about the good and evil inside of all of us, and how quick our good can turn to evil. If good and evil are truly inherent what can be done to fix the problem. Golding gives us the answer many times in the book but an obvious example is from the chapter “Huts on the Beach.

“In the chapter the boys are building huts. When working on the first hut the boys all work together and everything goes smoothly. During the second and third hut the boys cannot seem to get it together and no one seems to want to work on the huts. In turn the huts are not as good as the first one and they are in fact trash. The process of building the huts shows that when the boys work together the quality is higher than when you work alone. Golding is trying to tell society that when you work together you can ultimately save society from ourselves.


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