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Aibileen Clark is the first out of the three narrators in the novel the help. Aibileen can be described as a loving and caring person. She finds comfort in her motherly like role raising white children. In the beginning of the book, Aibileen tells the reader that she once had a son and after the death of her son it caused something to change in her. “But it weren’t too long before I seen something in me had changed. A bitter seed was planted inside a me. And I just didn’t feel so accepting anymore.” Aibileen did not feel excepting to the new changes in her life now that her son was gone. She still mourns the loss of her son. But it is the loss of her son that motivates her to take part in Skeeter’s project to document the lives of maids in Mississippi. Throughout the novel Aibileen’s character achievement in the face of difficulties, but her growth as a character is a slow, painful process. Aibileen’s identity is determined by her place in society as a maid, but she embraces a central role in the writing project with Skeeter and finds a new identity as a writer. This can teach us that you do not have to live up to society’s standards. Aibileen was a very quiet person and did not speak up not only because it would cost her to lose her job but it might prevent her from getting employed again. Once Aibileen started working with Skeeter she found a voice through the miss myrna column and eventually got other maids to speak up.Aibileen realizes the danger that could result from her decisions, but she embraces the risk and relies on her faith for guidance. In the end, Aibileen discovers her own courage and talents, which leads her to leave her job as a maid and accept an undetermined path that will lead to more independence. Another lesson this can teach us is that you should not turn your back on important issues. For example, before Aibileen’s son died he was writing about how black men work for white men in mississippi. This topic is almost the exact same topic that Skeeter chose for the newspaper and instead of Aibileen turning her back on Skeeter and not helping her she thought to herself that maybe this is what her son would have wanted her to do as well. MINNY Minny Jackson is the second narrator and is also a friend of Aibileen Clark. She is a mother of five. She is also is known for having quite a mouth. Minny is someone that does not tolerate nonsense from anyone that’s why she is always getting kicked out. Minny is also married to an abusive man and is also a victim of her husband’s violence. Throughout the novel, Minny remains the same smart-mouthed character she is but at the end of the book, she finally decides to leave her abusive husband. A lesson about real life from Minny can teach us that it’s better to leave harmful situations before it can become even worse. Just like Minny’s situation after her husband hit her he probably asked for forgiveness and promised not to put his hands on her again which is always a lie. Abusive relationships still exist in the 21st century and it is 100% okay to walk out of the relationship. Another life lesson we can learn from Minny is that it is okay to the bigger the person in any situation whether it is in your household or workplace. It is better for you to overlook the situation and to move on. EUGENIA “SKEETER” Skeeter Phelan is the third narrator Skeeter is a young white college graduate who comes from a wealthy Southern family. She comes home with dreams of becoming a writer. Her mother’s dream is for Skeeter to get married. Skeeter is bold, fearless, and she doesn’t buy into the myths that black people are dirty and have diseases that are poison to white people. when Skeeter starts hearing the maids’ stories, she realizes how little she really knows. In chapter 12 when Aibileen reads her story aloud, Skeeter thinks, “I expected the stories to be sweet, glossy. I realized I might be getting more than I bargained for.” While there is definitely love and friendship in the stories, there is also rape, abuse, and humiliation. When we look at Skeeter throughout the novel she has always been different from the others. But that did not stop her from doing what she loved and that is writing. Although she was neglected and isolated from the white women in jackson mississippi she found new friendships with Aibileen and Minny through writing the miss myrna column. Skeeter was made fun for almost her whole life, neglected by her so called “friends” and her own mother did not really support her dream of being a writer but instead she wanted . Something Skeeter can teach us about life os that there will be some people that will neglect you and not support your vision but always know that there is somebody to help and support you along the way.


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