AI countries suffering from terrorism to make

AI technology comprises of many advances nowadays. The new inventions in this field are going on and they would really change our lifestyle.

Dr. David Hanson, the creator of Sofia the robot believes that we are nearing a future where machines have minds. A huge boom is observed in this field, many new inventions are being done.

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  There are several other new inventions in the world that are not included in this review. In the past few years, AI is not limited to just computers or robots, but also shows its role in various fields like transportation, defense combat vehicles, education etc. Another thing to be noticed is that there had a combination of different technologies of other sectors that led to new innovations, researches and advances.

For example, the driverless cars involve driving skills, fuel technology, GPS, vehicle technology and many more. Tesla, a driverless car presented by Elon Musk, uses the automatic aviation technology.The use of AI and robotics in combat led to more advanced and technically smart defense soldiers that also increases the safety of the nation.

The countries are also encouraged to share their best combat AI technologies that thus ensures the peace and harmony in the world. It is somewhat important for the countries suffering from terrorism to make their defense stronger and reliable.Developed countries that have AI and machine learning researches at a higher level are helping developing nations. This also increases the business relations among them.As a result of investment, there has been a sevenfold explosion in machine-learningpatents from 2004-2013; although through most of these patents are not developed bystartups, but still held by a few major players such as Microsoft (9%); IBM (6%); Yahoo(4%); Google (3%); and the Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp (2%).

4Moreover, intelligence and talent are not limited to just one person or one nation.  Artificial intelligence has potential to change India’s economy and defense in future. 


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