AI is implemented in hardware than it

AI is an electronic machine that isenough intelligent to work and react like a human.

It solves complex problemsrapidly and easily than human such as playing the chess game. This paper representsthe specific method of AI to solve cybercrimes. These methods are describedhere.

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A.    Artificial Neural Nets       Artificial Neural Net is introduced byinspiring the natural biological nervous system.A neuron is formed by much- interconnected processing components.

ANNis consist of a number of artificial works like a human brain but it has fewer complex neuron connection than the biological nervous system. Neuron received alot of inputs and rapidly parallel respond to it. A neural net begins with theinvention of perceptron by Frank Rosenblatt in 1957.

the main feature of ANN is rapidly responding and speed of operation.ANN is mainly configured for learning, classification, pattern recognition andfor selection of an appropriate responseto the attack.    The artificial neural network isused in DOS detection in the network,worm detection in the computer, malwaredetection, and zombie detection in computer and malware classification inforensic investigation.

ANN is popular for its speed can be implemented either in hardware or in software. If it isimplemented in hardware than it is used in the graphics processor. A lot of technologies of ANN is developed suchas third generation neural nets.   A distinguish feature of ANN that it is used for intrusion detection andprevention system and perform very high speed of operation.

B.    Intelligent agentsIntelligent agents are computer generated forces that showrespond when an unexpected event occurs.They communicate with each other for mobility and adaptability in the environment to make the IA technology more effectively to combat against cyber-attack. IAgive more information about the cyber-attack .it work on internet and giveinformation without our permission.Intelligent behavior ofintelligent agent makes them more specialreactiveness, understanding of associate agent communication language,reactivity (ability to create some alternatives and to act).they use formobility, reflection ability and for planning ability.

It is used against DDOS.Intelligent agents are cooperative agents that give efficient defense againstDOS and DDOS attack.  ‘Cyber police’consist of intelligent agents is developed after solving some commercial,industrial and legal problems. It supports the intelligent agent’s quality andcommunication but inaccessible to foes.A multi-agenttool is required for an entire operatingsystem of cyberspace such as a neuralnetwork-based intrusion detection and hybrid multi-agent techniques.One distinguishes application of intelligent agent is agentcommunication language.

C.    Expert systemAn expert system is most commonly used AI tool. This system is usedto get inquiries from system or clients to discover the answers.

It supportsdirect decision support. Such as it is used in finance, medical diagnose and cyberspace. An expertsystem is used for small as welllarge and complex problems like in hybrid system.The expertsystem consistsof large knowledge, it stores allinformation regarding a specific application. Expert system shell is used tosupport the adding of knowledge in knowledge base expert system, it can beextended with the program to cooperatethe client as well as another programthat may be utilized in the hybrid expert system.

Expert system shell is empty knowledge base.Hence, to make an expert system,first select an expert system shell, secondly get knowledge about and fillingthe knowledge base with knowledge. The second step is more complex and time-consuming.An expert system is used is cyber defense. It determines the safetyefforts and helps how to use ideally in resources that are limited in quantity.

itis used in network intrusion detection which isknowledge base. In short, the expert systemis used to convert the system knowledge into programming language code. For example, CD expert system is used for securityplanning.D.

     Search      The method is used to solve the complex problem where there no othermethod is applicable. People used itconstantly in their everyday life without knowing it. General algorithm ofsearch is used to search the problem, some of it is able to check the problem and provide a solution other only predict the problems.

           If additional knowledge adds tothe search algorithm than drastically improve the search. Search is almost usedin every intelligible program and it increasesthe efficiency of the program. Many search application used in the AI programto search the problem, for example, dynamic programming is used to find theoptimized security problem, it is a hidden package,it is not visible in AI application. Like alpha-beta search, search on trees, minimum search, and randomsearch and so on.          The ??-search is developed to use forcomputer chess .

divide and conquer is used in complex problems especially in that application where choose the best action. It is used to estimate theminimum and maximum possibilities. This enables ignore a large amount of the options and speeds up the search. E.

    Learning   Learning is an extending knowledge system by arranging orextending the knowledge base. This is the most important problem of theartificial intelligence that is under consideration. Machine learning consists of a computationalmethod to add new knowledge, new skills and a new way to store and organize the existing knowledge.     There are two learning method i.e.

supervised learning and unsupervised learning. This is useful when a largeamount of data is present. This is commonly used in cyber defense where a largeamount of data exists. Data mining is originally developed forunsupervised learning in artificial intelligence. Unsupervised is useful for neuralnets, in particular, of self-organizing maps.        Parallel algorithm method is a learningmethod that executes on parallelhardware. Genetic algorithm and neural helps in represent these strategies. Forexample, Genetic algorithm and fuzzy logic are used to detect intrusion.

          In short, applications of learning are machine learning, supervised andunsupervised learning, malware detection, intrusion detection and for self-organized maps.       Machine learning is enough intelligent system to recognize thepattern.F.

     ConstraintSolving    Constraintsolving or constraint satisfaction method that is used in AI to find solutionthose problems that are introduced by a set of constraint on the solution e.g.logical statements, tables, equations, inequalities etc.    A constraint solution is consist of a collection of tuples that satisfy allconstraints. There are a lot of problems exist that have different constraint solution because solution depends upon thenature of constraints.

Such asconstraints on finite sets, functional constraints, rational trees etc.     In abstract level, almost every problem isrepresented as a constraint solving problem. Constraint satisfaction method isused in decision making and situation analysis in AI. 


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