Agriculture 7.7 million in 1950, and up to

Agriculture has and always will be an important factor in our lives.

It has impacted the whole world and everyone in it significantly. Agriculture is a major part of our lives in Texas, because of the amounts of farmland we have. Texas agriculture has definitely grown over the past 200 years. One of the biggest problems for producing products in Texas is the amount of arable land being lost to building factories, neighborhoods and shopping strips. This is a result from the increase in population.In 1900, there were 3,048,710 people living in Texas, which quickly rose to roughly 7.

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7 million in 1950, and up to 20.8 million people by 2000. Most farmers who lived in Texas in the early 1900’s were substantial farmers, where their production of crops are intended to provide for the basic needs of the farmer. An increase is people, means a higher demand for food to supply them all. Because of this, most of the farmers had to change the way they were farming in order to produce more. There then became a need for farmers to change their ways and many became commercial farmers, where their production was to supply to a large scale of people. Another factor in how Texas has changed their farming practices has to do with machinery. The farms used to be ran manually or by animals, and now everything is mainly done by the evolvement of technology.

Animals were used to move things around the land or pull plows until the tractor came around and changed the way agriculture was ran. In the United States, the production of agriculture plays a major key role. 200 years ago, 90% of the people in the U.S. lived on arable land and were substantial farmers.

While today, only 2% of Americas population are commercial farmers, who produce food for the world to eat. This has similar affects throughout the whole U.S.

in regards to the rapid increase in population. The amount of farmers and farmland have gone down because of the land being used for other purposes. Technology has had the biggest impact on agriculture as a whole.

 From the begging of the 1900’s, the farming techniques were very labor intensive, but now a days, the work is much more simplified. Fertilizers and pesticides play a major role for allowing farmers to keep their crops healthier and stronger. The first decade in the 1900’s, the average annual consumption of commercial fertilizer was 3,738,300 tons. The invention of open-geared gas tractors came into play in big farms around 1910 and made the production on their farms much more efficient. With the use of technology, each farmer is now able to feed 155 people a day, while in 1940, one farmer could only feed 19 people a day.

 Every country and place throughout the whole world works together to help supply for each other. Everyone is important to help contribute to the world of agriculture. In 1900, the population of the world was only around 1.6 billion, but since then it has became 7.6 billion. That means there has been 6 billion more mouths to feed across the world, and it is expected to grow. Those 6 billion people also take up a lot of the room on the earth. Although the number of farms have grown, the amount of arable land we have to farm on has gone down.

 Most of the land all over the world, has again, been used to build houses for all these people, workplaces and other buildings. But, the growth of population has had a positive effect on the world, too. With the more farmers across the world brings different types of farming and crops being made to be shared with everyone else. With the help of globalization, we now have a wider ability to communicate with each other. Farming practices have changed drastically because of the development of technology. It helps that we have people all over the world coming up with new inventions that we can easily share with each other and become more successful. All of the farmers across the world help devote to the new enhancements.

Devices like, tractors and machinery used to take place of manual labor have helped the production process become much easier and faster. The biotechnology has evolved as well, with new fertilizers and pesticides to help create better grown crops to supply for everyone.   The evolution of agriculture has definitely became more successful for everyone from Texas, to the United States, to even the whole world since the days of the 1900’s. The population effects everyone and the process of production majorly, but with the creation of new ideas and technology from all of these people have helped change farming practices for easier and more efficient agricultural production. 


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