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Agribusiness system concepts discussthe business of farming, although agribusiness word is not usually used in theconnection with the actual farms in farming. Instead, they used the wordagribusiness most commonly means an agricultural- related farm business thatsupplies farm inputs, such as like farm machinery that needed to use and otherseed supply.

The word Agribusiness is also used to describe business that areinvolved in many part of the business like  the marketing of farm products, and also suchas store room, vendors, processors, retailers and more that usually use in thebusiness of farming.Agribusiness has many parts in theeconomy industry, part of it are the agricultural producers, businesses that willprovide supplies and services to the production producers, also business thatadd value to agriculture products which is processors, and those thatfacilitate the marketing of agriculture products. In principle of this,agribusiness consist of all productions like food production, and consumerswith marketing activities. Which are basically the part of the three sectorthat comprise the agribusiness concept which is Agricultural input sector, foodproduction sector and manufacturing and processing sector that deals with theproduces that are small shelf- life, therefore marketing place is an activepart in moving the inputs, products and by-products to the different sector andthe consumers.

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Agribusiness system concepts includethe productive piece of the land but also the people that provides input likechemical and seeds, there are also the process of the output like grain, milkand meat. While the manufacturing the food products also part of theagribusiness like bread and breakfast cereals. The transport and sell of thefood products to consumers is also related to the agribusiness, for example ofthe transport and sell is restaurant and supermarket transportation.           Agribusinessconcept exactly include all the enterprises from around the agriculturalproduct that are very much consistent in such a way that one subsystem cannotbe taken individually from the other because the success of any agribusinessventure depends on how well coordinated and balancing these are.


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