AGILE to software development under which the

AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT MOVEMENTWhat is an Agile Project Management MovementThe Agile Project Management Movement may be defined as the repetitive and continuously growing method of building and managing the new ideas in the field of engineering and business in order to provide the flexible services to the people.Not only this, it can also be said that it is an perspective to software development under which the solutions are provided by well organised team.Key Features of Agile ProjectThere are various attributes of Agile Movement which make this movement ranked first in less time. There is a list of some of the features:QualityThe first and the most important feature is about the quality of a product. Regular testing of the items give chance to the owner to check the project early and make the changes where required.EyeshotAs the Agile Project gives the best to customers, this is only possible by the visibility of the project.

The features of Agile Project inspire the user for the active involvement throughout the process . This helps to fortify the expectations of the clients.CommunicationThe most important feature is “COMMUNICATION”. Without this feature the success of anything is impossible. The factors discussed above are interlinked to the communication. As to ensure the quality, visibility we need to communicate with each other so that the process of making the product becomes easier and cost effective.

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The more will be the talking related to project, the more will be the ideas Hence greater is the success.TransparencyThe Agile Project gives the opportunity to the customers to evolve through the project and can take a look about the steps evolve during the formation of product. It also gives the opportunity to clients to attend the meeting and can take join the review session related to the product.PunctualityThis project meets the deadlines in every sphere of the world. This unique property of the project help the team to take a review about the particular product before the delivery in order to touch up the things if necessary.Other Than AgileThere are various types of projects introduce in the field of software development in order to provide the quantity and quality of the products related to software technology.

Some of them are as follow:WaterfallPRINCE2PMBOKScrumLeanKanbanSuccess Of Agile ProjectAgile project is one of the most famous project worldwide now a days. It help people to introduce with the world of software development which was the talk of imagination one time. If we talk about the success of projects related to the software then”AGILE” is the first name everybody takes. There are the various areas from where we can determine the success of any project.

PunctualityIf we talk about the time management for the compitation of projects the “AGILE” ranks “FIRST” in punctuality. According to various research it is found that AGILE completes projects 65% earlier than others.Stick To WordsThe team of agile project is very crosslinked ,which help them to complete their goals. Communication also plays a pivotal role in getting the desire result.ProfitsThe success of any project can be determined by watching the records related to the profit.

If we look at the records of AGILE, we came to know that agile makes 37% more profit than any other project.Overall, we can say that the agile project is more successful than other projects in various terms. Moreover the agile project is still growing and in future it will touch the heights of success with more speed.Common Features Of Successful Agile ProjectsChain Of WorkThe story behind the successful agile projects is the chain methodology. As the name suggest that there is a chain of work involves in the production of products, which increase the productivity and hence the increment in success. In Agile Project there is continious making of new products and as well as checking the feedback of the products which has been made earlier and make the changes if the feedback comes negative. Planing Before WorkThe second most important aspect is planning .

The team of agile project plans before they get to their work. They are confident towards their ideas and plan properly before apply to actual product. This helps them to get the desire result in first time rather than wasting their time in making again and again.IMPROVEMENT IN WORKNo doubt that AGILE is at the higher heights but it still admit the unsatisfaction of the clients and trying hard to provide the best services. AGILE continuously making improvement in the fields where it feels to improve. Moreover it continuously launching the new ideas related to the software field to boomed up the techno part of country.Silver Bullet MethodologyAs the name suggest that it is type of the unique method which can applies to the problems and can get the best result.

It may be consider as the metaphor which typically applied to the major problem in the project and can get effective solutions.Agile: Silver Bullet Or NotAs we know that unique solutions comes under the silver bullet methodology. Agile is a approach which brings the extraordinary changes to the world of software.

Agile is the most important project used ever in the field of software development. The team of agile is working hard day by day and touching the heights of success but agile does not come under the silver bullet methodology. As we know that agile itself is giving the unique solutions to the problems faced in the production of products.

Principles Of Agile ProjectAccumulationThe accumulation is the most important feature applied to the other projects as is the process used before the few days of delivery of project .In this the product is checked for the last time before come to the use.Team WorkThe success of agile project is behind the word team. Agile project has great collection of well qualified and manageable team .

This factor contributes a lot in the profit share. As this is the great part of the project ,other to follow this .They also try hard to select the various teams which is well qualified and have great approach towards the team work.

Time ManagementThe key feature of the agile is the punctuality The team of agile is very punctual and meets the expectations of customers . This quality of agile other also applies and try to introduce the new technology in the areas of software. FacilitiesThe agile give facilities to the customers related to the products they make. They allow user to take a brief look at the product before buying .However they also allow the customers to attend the metting and can ask the information related to the product in which they are interested when the production process is in between.


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