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AGENT 2021 On January 24, 2018The Biggest event of real estate, auto, insurance and travel,for owners and agents About the Event :A event which assembles the owners and agents of in four industries (real estate, auto, insurance and travel) which enlightens them how to increase their business. The conference mainly emphasis on to transfer the knowledge about the tools platforms, and tactics that can be used to start marketing in the present. The event will have a numerous number of speakers, namely  Gary Vaynerchuk and the leaders of the industry. It’s a pronounced thing that GoGoCar is one of the partners of VaynerMedia and Christopher Vester C.O.O. and Co-founder of is attending the conference and he’ll be giving a speech about the possibilities in changing the entire infrastructure in selling and buying process of cars through online purchase and how dealers can make the the most of using GoGoCar. Also Chris will be elucidating on GoGo (GoGoBot), and having a virtual sales assistant available 24/7, can bring in the human expert as required and switch seamlessly between human and virtual assistant.About GoGoCar :GoGoCar is powered by industry’s first AI Automotive Virtual Assistant which helps dealers to be online 24/7 and our digital storefront solution ensure the seamless deal process.Adopting an “anytime, anywhere, any device” retailing strategy would be an integral part of the automotive business in the near future. The GoGo platform from GoGoCar offers it today. It can be your digital store or a mobile app or a chatbot or an in store app. It is platform/device independent, available 24/7, trained with millions of car records and can facilitate the entire car buying process. It offers cognitive precision throughout the journey. With this state-of-the-art solution and sheer knowledge about the industry, GoGoCar is changing the way how auto retailing is done now.About Agent 2021 :Agent 2021 is developed and produced by Vayner Experience, the experiential and brand partnerships arm of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency that partners with clients to drive their business outcomes with best-in-class modern video production, media planning and distribution, influencer marketing,Google & Alexa voice services, and more.


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