Human years while our average is how


Human beings are considered or believed to be
superior of all creatures. Probably the most dangerous as well.


what makes us so superior? How are we so special? Is it the intelligence? According to experts, with the gained momentum of this particular
belief and the development of organised religion, we humans are seen as the
superior kind or species ever created.

‘The belief of human cognitive superiority became entrenched in human
philosophy and sciences. Even Aristotle – probably the most influential of all
thinkers – argued that humans were superior to other animals due to our exclusive ability to reason.’

But do you
think many other creatures in this world could be smarter or capable than us? We
being capable, built instruments and structures to shelter and aid us like
spiders produced their web but unlike they used their own resources. Does that
make them more capable?

We created
forts and borders, require passports, visas and money, be privileged to move
around the world while squirrels, tits and jays got
to remember locations of thousands of caches where they shift often following
radical changes in the environment. They just got to move.

Some tortoises live for around 400 years while our average is how much,

Birds naturally fly. We need planes.

Wonders goes on.

It’s just they can do things that we can’t and we can do things that
they can’t.


One and probably the only difference we can find is that we as humans
can smile. We can laugh! We’ve got a variety of
emotional expressions to convey messages apart from languages. Yes of course
different species of animals do have their way of expressing emotions and
sending messages but we are definitely privileged to get to smile and laugh besides
having the exclusive ability to reason being the first. Of course some raccoons, chimpanzees and quokkas have faces
that smile naturally but sure cut we’re way better at it than them. Like
animals act out differently during different seasons for the sake of their own
survival or existence, parting to the cycle of nature, like birds migrate,
mongoose pups chooses their parent or seniors, whales lobtail feed (their
reason still unknown), we do too but differently. We’ve marked days or seasons
to it. We smile and laugh over it, express joy and celebrate to revive our
existence, events, history passed on from centuries or decades but unlike
animals we call it ‘tradition’. Anomalies like shedding tears are proven
scientifically and by reasons so llet’s leave it out from comparisons.

Now, are traditions the best thing of our lives? Is it a requirement for
our survival/existence or is it superfluous unlike it’s for fellow beings who
share the same planet?


Yes it’s definitely a good thing but sometimes it
taken too far. Sometimes unnecessary and sometimes even dangerous such as the Baby Dropping Ritual in Solapur, India, Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling in
Gloucester, England, the Polar Bear Plunge in the US, and Running with the
Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.




The reason
being animals compared with humans here is that it seems we’re the only beings
which has got a system of exchange called money, we exploit nature and make use
of it unlike animals and we make up variety and conduct celebratory and
ritualistic activities for the sake of what we call important but are unable to explain much of it with reason,
reason being an exclusive ability. What we got is stories that we believe. The
question is doesn’t animals being created by God should be rejoicing Christmas
time. Not a familiar sight. Are cows God in India as an argument to this story?
It’s never been seen the wild doing pooja in the woods.


But yea, in our fast paced and ever changing lives and a
world that appears to be in constant turmoil, traditions can be more important
than ever. Ipsos MORI Global trends 2017 survey interviewed over 18,000 people in 23 countries and found that globally 80%
agreed that “traditions are an important part of society” and for all except
one country, Japan. There, the sentiment was increasing. Traditions provide us
with numerous benefits. They provide us with a source of identity, they tell
the story of where we came from and remind us of what has shaped our lives.
They connect generations and strengthen our group bonds, and help us feel that
we are part of something unique and special. They offer us both comfort and
security especially in times of profound change and grief. They teach us values
and help us pass on our cultural or religious history. Best of all, they create
lasting memories which in itself provides us with a wide variety of benefits.


comfort us, give us a sense of belonging, and make us feel safe and secure. For
some it seems like they offer variety in life and relief but for some it’s an
opportunity for celebration and for many it’s business. The medium of exchange
and returns. The third major difference
we behold apart from the ability to reason, smile and laugh from our fellow
beings who share the same planet as a habitat.

We invest traditions with emotion, which is why we value them so
much. But while specific traditions vary from person to person, place to place
and culture to culture, what is clear is that across the world the concept of
traditions is important. The only common factor regardless of person, place and
culture during events of tradition is business and most of the ways we see it
everywhere is when marketers come up with flashy campaigns saying ‘Because we know, your family is most
special during this Diwali’. P.S.:Definitely not seen being done by
animals. Human beings are awesome at this. Aren’t they? They can’t just prey on
deers and gazelles or what ever they want to. So they market stuff. At this
point, the word humane comes into the picture.


Do you agree or not please comment below.


This Christmas, according to Forbes, The
world’s biggest brands are marketing Christmas To China. Although
there are 100
million Christians in China – more than the all-mighty Communist Party
membership – they generally keep a low profile and are no match for the almost
1 billion WeChat users bombarded with Christmas promotions in the month of


‘Religion in the United States is worth $1.2tn a year, making it
equivalent to the 15th largest national economy in the world, according to
a study. The faith economy has a higher value than the
combined revenues of the top 10 technology companies in the US, including
Apple, Amazon and Google, says the analysis from Georgetown University in
Washington DC. ’; Quoted the Guardian

Imagine how much will it be when it’s of the whole world. Most
of the traditions in this world are connected to some religion. That explains
how much traditions are monetarily worth. Businesses
boom during these seasons and it becomes a playground for marketers and
creators to come up with REASON, JOY & of course a lot of $$gifts$$.











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