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After completing my high school, I felt that Electrical Engineering would be the area, which can give me the opportunity to learn and explore more about my curiosity and motivation. To make dreams true, I took admission and have completed my undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering from “University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan in 2017, with a CGPA of 3.18 out of 4.00. I was an active somehow indulgent student among others during my undergraduate studies, very often involved in many curricular and co-curricular activities. In fact, I was up to the mark and honored in the top 10 students in my undergraduate class. If observed by the meritorious efforts I remain very competent and I have passed all entrance tests conducted by the academic institution of my education with high achievements. I did my final year thesis projects on “GSM Based Automatic Plant Care System” and “Automatic Boarder Protection Robot with RF cam Monitoring”with the group of three members in which I was made the Group Leader. In GSM Based Automatic Plant Care System project I with my team designed a Plant care system. In this project we were controlling the three basic needs of the plants i.e. Water, Light and Temperature .We made a system that was maintaining anenvironment which is feasible for the rapid growth of plant. In this project we used different sensors &actuators for the measurement & controlling, the intensity of light, temperature and humidity using PID technique. We have designed an android app for the wireless monitoring of plant care system. Automatic Boarder Protection Robot with RF cam Monitoring was very interesting project which we completed. In this project we designed a robot forboarder protection with both auto and manual mood options. A gun was placed in the hands of robot. Also there was a RF night vision cam was installed on the robot. We have designed an app where you can wirelessly monitor the boundaries. The robot continues to move around the boundary of the boarder on a defined root .As it detects any enemy on border it takes its angle to fire and send a signal to the smart phone that “enemy detected “after your permission it fires on the detected object.I learned and researched explore about many thing .While working on this project I found strong motivation in myself towards post graduate study. With interest in networking I also have deep interest in research in the area of power catenary online detection technologyand image recognition and measurement techniques.  


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