After Canadians were relieved that the U.S.M.C.A. was

After the newly named deal was settled, it is said that the two countries, the United States and Canada is now bright again. In a recent interview on October 1, 2018, inresponse to between the relationship between Canada and the United States, President Trump said, “We’ve always had actually a very good relationship.” Heard in microphones across Canada million were seen to have been insulted. Though the Canadians were relieved that the U.

S.M.C.A. was signed and Trump’s economic ruination for their country are over. Trump believing that the everything is patched up between the countries, but he is wrong. According to Frank McKenna, he said that President Trump has insulted “our country, prime minister, and chief of negotiator,” by using “rude language and threatening our economic welfare.” Canada being known as one of the biggest source of international travelers to the U.

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S., one of our closest military ally, and biggest importer of American goods. Many Canadians feel as though that the special relationship and bond between them and the U.

S. is strained, nearly gone and many still believing there is still hope in repairing this relationship. Trump in May announced that he will be expanding tariffs on aluminum and steel to include Canada in which will fence off trade agreement. Trump also called Canada’s prime minister “very dishonest and weak” accusing him of making incorrect and false statements. Trump also went on stating stuff like how they burned down the White House. Also back in August he made a deal with Mexico in which suggested that Canada might be excluded and he also threatened to hit Canada’s twenty-five percent tariff on exports. Later in a poll, only 39% Canadians polled had favorable view toward U.

S. and what many Canadians hated most were that there are many American supporting Trump’s beliefs. I have to agree with the Canadians, and believe they have the right to feel insulted since Trump said that the relationship between the two countries have always been very good. Though Canada is the biggest source of international traveler, biggest importer of American goods, and closest military ally to U.

S., I feel like more than wanting to be a close ally to U.S., Canada is more forced into it.

I believe that and am afraid that one day the Canadians with finally say enough is enough and like go to war with the U.S. I wouldn’t be so surprise if it were to happen because of all the things Donald Trump has been saying and doing. His threats of economic ruination, and threatening to set the tariff at 25% isn’t something I believe we should take lightly. Yeah , I know he’s our president and all, but by doing such things he’s putting America in danger and is making more enemies this way. And also to say that they burned the White House down in the War of 1812 was so insulting and like it just made me question how does people still support him.

Though he is still my president, I have to take the Canadians side on this and feel insulted since he is my president shouldn’t he know better. I believe that Trump treatment and policies towards Canada is unfair and ridiculous. I wish I can say there is hope, but seeing as how he’s going to “Make America great again” I really have no hope in this country anymore. I worry that if this continue on any longer and knowing Donald Trump it will, I wouldn’t be shocked if Canada were to cut trade with us in which they are the United States biggest exporter of steel and aluminum. I believe that since Trump has become president, America has made so many enemies, but if that’s Trump’s plan to “Make America great again,” then he certainly did a good job.

At first I had a little hope that maybe Donald Trump could possible make some difference for the good of Americans, I believed that there was hope, but seeing him do and say such things as he has since he became President makes me lost all faith in America and I somewhat pity myself that I have to say “President” Trump and I no longer feel safe and comfortable. This brings me to the bomb threat in school, how Donald Trump threats bring the same effect as that, drawing forth fear, making me lost sense of security. Trump is suppose to be America’s representative, making America look and sound good worldwide, so far I personally don’t think he’s doing such a great job


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