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After suffering betrayal from his neighbors in Lantern Yard, Silas turns his supply of gold into a source of comfort and companionship that will never leave him. Silas tries to make friends with the people in Raveloe, so he gives Sally Oates a special medicine that cures heart disease. This leads people to believe that he is a witch, and makes people like Silas because they want him to give them medicine that will cure them. When Silas doesn’t give them cures, they go back to not liking him, so Silas returns to being friends with his gold. Silas wants company more than money, but money is all he possesses. The people in Lantern yard betray him which makes him lose his trust in people. Silas knows that his money will never abandon him which gives him comfort and a sense of companionship. The narrator describes: “Money not only grew, but it remained with him. He began to think it was conscious of him… but it was only in the night, when his work was done, that he drew them out to enjoy their companionship,” (14). Gold symbolizes the relationships that he could have with other people. For Silas, there is not a question for him about whether or not the gold will leave him like people in his past did. Soon after, the narrator describes Silas’ feelings towards his coins by saying he “thought fondly of the guineas… as if they had been unborn children,” (16). Gold gives him comfort bc it will never change or leave him. Eliot first personifies gold as a child, but later, Eppie replaces the gold with her authentic love which restores Silas’ love and faith in others. Molly dies outside in the cold, and Eppie walks into Silas’s house. Silas “sees” a pile of gold on the floor, and he reaches out to touch it. When he reaches out, he feels ‘warm curls instead of  cold coins. Silas saw Eppie as gold. His new gold. Eppie makes his feel warm inside – which he hasn’t felt in a while. He has only felt the false version of that with hard gold. Silas loves the coins because that’s all he has, Lantern Yard has been taken away from his and it will be very hard and a long time before his is welcomed into his new community of Raveloe. “The heap of gold seemed to glow and get larger beneath his agitated gaze…but instead of hard coin with the familiar resisting outline, his fingers encountered soft warm curls,” (93). Hard coin – soft warm curls. Gold symbolizes Eppie Now he finds comfort and security in her Godfrey visits Silas’s cottage because he and Nancy wants to adopt Eppie now that they know Nancy cannot have children. Silas thought Eppie was going to be taken from him and that he would have to go back to finding love in his money. Silas doesn’t want gold anymore. All he wants is Eppie because he brings greater things into his life than what gold did. “At first, I’d a sort of’ feeling came across me now and then… as if you might be changed into the gold again,” (137). Changed into gold again. Eppie changed his life to focus on love for and faith in others instead of having fear of losing something or someone.


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