After space savers. The Self-driving cars will come

          After the invade of the technology in the twenty-first century there is an independent car does not need to human to drive it, its needs only to be programmed with the route.

The Self-driving car is known as driverless car it is autonomous car which can proceed the action that done by human being by itself without any income. The autonomous car has some specific options to make the car drive independently, for example GPS, laser, radar and computer vision. This examples was approved by google for driverless car. This feature designed to make the passenger to travel between many destinations without any income from him. To make a vehicle qualify as fully autonomous car must be able to navigate without human and to be controlled by itself. Many people says that should self-driving cars be legal? The idea of driverless car many people could not believe it and it’s seemed like a science fiction, but in 2011 the United States gives the first licence for driverless car and approved it in the USA like a normal car. Today many cars company are going to implement this feature in their cars model like the luxury companies Mercedes Benz and BMW. The autonomous car has many benefits that have to offer and the most important offer that it makes the road safer for drivers, number of crushes will decreases, computers use complicated programs to determine the distance between others cars and if there anything front of the car hinder its path and it is space savers.

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         The Self-driving cars will come with sensorsthat it makes out of the question that any car collide by another car or anyobject on the streets. This option will reduce the number of Collison and savesmany lives in the world. In USA there is an estimates released by nationalsafety council that there is approximately 40,200 people died every year inaccidents and every year there are 6 percent rise from year to another this allaccidents is done by people faults because, many people decided to drive drunkor driving with high speed and does not respect their driving lane. In fact, ifmost of cars were self-driving many lives will be rescue due to the sensorsthat estimated everything in route and many studies suggest that by 2030 the artificialintelligence of the autonomous vehicle will be cleverer and highly precautionthan people. Infact, “According to one government study, computer operated self-drivingvehicles will eliminate incidents involving alcohol…and fatigue”.

For instance,according to a study by the Eno Center for Transportation, “if 90 percent ofcars, trucks and vans were self-driving, in the region of 21,700 lives per yearcould be saved”.


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