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After researching many different schools within the U.S. I have decided that UW-Madison is the best fit for me. Having a high interest in Electrical Engineering and mathematics is my dream to accomplish. Being so challenging, enriching, and rewarding experience. I love the idea of creating a system for phones, computers and even systems that can help people and companies on a day to day basis. Engineering is a field that solves the most impactful problems in our world. Being an engineer, one will keep on learning about what makes the world tick. Engineers are wizards for the world; everyone wants and need them to fix their problems, and no one is quite sure how he or she came up with the solution. With the addition of UW-Madison being a reputable school I am mostly fond of its Bachelors of Science Electrical engineering course undergraduate program. With a unique focus on not just learning the what’s and how’s, but also applying it with real-world situations. Moreover, having the opportunity of advising, field research, internships, student organization, and Madison’s atmosphere.

I would love to take advantage of Madison’s advising opportunities. From friends and peers who attended UW-Madison and graduated explicitly stated that it is second to none. And many of them feel more than confident about their career or prospects of the personal focused advising opportunity they have gotten. And I plan on doing the same with my electrical engineering career. Hopefully getting me on the same path as my friends and peers are, doing productive things that have an internal goal.

With the opportunity of being able to take in Madison such as field research and Internships. Which stood out for me since I feel that taking field research is an important way to enhance my education. Two of the field programs that caught my eye would be the undergraduate research scholars program(URS) and Engineers Honors in Research Programs. I would love to have a mentor to show the ropes and prepare me in advanced studies in electrical engineering. With past experience of internships with Angus Young and Western Thermal, I understand the valuable real-world experiences and feel UW-Madison summer Internship program will only further push me forward.

Having Engineering student organizations is just another important factor to enhance your experience in Madison. With already active organizations of Diversity Student Organization, Honor Societies and much more with a focus as diverse as you can imagine. Such as Society of Hispanic Professionals Engineers and Tau Beta Phi honors. Just being within an organization is a great way to make lifelong friends and a way to give back to the community of Wisconsin. These organizations representing not just the school itself but also me. I hope to be part of these organizations and will be proud if accepted.

Madison, in general, is just a good place to live. With stunning shops, stores, Badger’s football game and more to visit. It would just enhance your experience in campus and let you feel a touch of freedom. And I would be delighted to take part in the Badger community, whether it is jumping around in a football game with all of my colleagues, or just casual eating lunch with peers. Madison offers a wide variety that I want to explore for the next four years.

I hope to be part of UW-Madison and take all of the opportunities that it has to offer. Just as advising, field research, internships, and organizations. In addition to the help of Madison, I will be able to push forward with an academic and personal career. I want to make a difference in this world and I believe the UW-Madison is the place I should go to make this happen.


I'm Mary!

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