After Hansens’ theory, because the large amounts of

After reflecting on the limitations of the equations, modelling the graph I decided to research one of the strange things that I discovered on the graph and see if I could understand through research why there was a spike between the years 1945 and 1970 and understand what might have triggered this.  After reading a few different articles I came across one that I believed accurately explained what caused this.  I discovered that World War II actually significantly influenced the global decrease in temperature between the years 1940 to around 1970.

According to NASA many industrial economies of Europe and the U.S drastically increased their level of productivity right after the World War II. From research I had understood that the anomaly was due to the presence of aerosols which are actually very harmful to the environment and have cooling effect on the atmosphere. This is according to Hansens’ theory, because the large amounts of aerosols released into the atmosphere scattered and absorbed incoming sunlight. This is an interesting theory that is very counter intuitive because in reality one might expect that higher levels of fossil fuel emissions may contribute to an increase in temperature, which is mainly due to the greenhouse effect that occurs.

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1 The more I conceptualized this theory however, the more it started to make sense to me, I came to realize that this was also true in the case of volcanoes. A mixture of gases and particles are often released in the atmosphere during a volcanic eruption and what happens is that these particles especially the ash and sulfur dioxide reflect incoming sunlight back out into the atmosphere which causes a cooling and then warming effect usually in that area. In conclusion, this explains what might have caused the temperature to drastically decrease at that point all of a sudden and even explains why the temperature might have increased suddenly right after that period. This is because the theory suggests that eventually these emissions reached the atmosphere and the ozone layer and had a greenhouse gas effect, which caused temperature to increase rapidly.


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