After United States. I reviewed the website

After a time of searching numerous town webs sites on settled on a Justin, Texas situated just north of the Dallas –Fort Worth area of the United States.I reviewed the website of the town which led me to the vision statement. They seemed had a strong statement to be responsible for the ability to become acquainted with the current and upcoming necessities to the consumer.

The town also provided a purpose goal and purpose of a water department through a mission statement. Not to take lightly to be responsible for safeguarding the water supply for the residents. The town make every effort to ensure the fire departments when using the hydrants are meeting the “water pressure standards along with guidelines set by the Federal and State.” (Apodaca, 2018)One of the key elements the water department roles and duties are to carry out day-to-day review of the “all storage and pumping facilities and water quality monitoring tests”. (Apodaca, 2018) There are program in place to “reduce water, backflow inspection and system flushing to maintain hydrants for fire protection”.

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(Apodaca, 2018)_____________________________________________________________________________I decided to review a job posting submitted to Indeed on the 13 Nov 2018 for a wastewater collection crew member in the town of Huntsville, TX. The pay was a little lower than I would think until I reviewed the location. The town is smaller in size and located between Houston and Dallas.

Not knowing the pay scale until reviewing a general website where the cities “median hourly rate $14.00.” (Sam, 2018). The wages listed for the low end is just $0.

09 below median wage. On the other hand the pay rate is $1.62 above the median wage. After reading the through the full occupation entry, I had determined not to be a senior person with years of experience but more of an entry level; to get their feet wet.Job Description: The purpose of the wastewater helper is to do a range of “upkeeps, analysis, and working” (Collections 2018, November 13) on a variety of equipment either fixed or mobile for the wastewater collection system.

Job Responsibilities: To be responsible for the town’s facility activities, by completing necessary upkeep and overhauls of wastewater accessories, fixtures and along with keep up with documentation of work completed. When do business with the public, perform the duties in a polite and helpful way. Must have the positive demeanor when working with coworkers.Contribution to guiding visits of the wastewater plant.

Supports the operations:Applying past learnings to “making decisions “solve problems and organizing all materials and equipment.” (Collections 2018, November 13)Qualification, Education and experience requirements:o execute the profession meticulously, the employee must be able accountable for tasks performed. Education Must have a graduated from twelfth grade. Must have in possession after being offered a latter of employment a “Texas Class B CDL or within 6 months of employment” (Collections 2018, November 13) along with a clean driving record. Must have in passed and have on record the “TCEQ Class D wastewater operator license or within 1 year”. (Collections 2018, November 13)Skills and abilities With the change in the seasons, must be able to work in different elements of environments. The work requires the use of various equipment throughout the workday which is not limited to: “hand tools, chain saw, mowers, and weed-eaters.” (Collections 2018, November 13)to name just a few equipment sets.

Adeptness to understand and follow guidelines and rule set forth by management. Physical EnvironmentThe duties of this job may include physical activities which include moderate and vigorous activity with likeliness of pick up heavy materials “weighing approximately 50 lbs. frequently ; 100 lbs.” (Collections 2018, November 13)Inside and outside environment. Many of the tasks performed will be continual work environment which will including polluted situation or work with dangerous supplies within wastewater operations. At times there maybe “confined spaces and air contamination like dust, fumes, toxic odors, etc.” (Collections 2018, November 13)_____________________________________________________________________________I do believe my belief for the job has changed.In Module 1, I was required to select two job postings and from that determine what the wastewater collection system operator would be doing.

The listing stated the employee will perform various levels of maintenance and repair of wastewater system facilities. The use of a truck or van which will have staged within various types equipment like hand tools to larger power tools which require specialized training.Job posting can list enormous amounts of information including; job tasks, education level and skill level. Until hired and performing the job it’s just a dream. Before being considered for the job; a role playing starts to formulate as one goes upon the normal days activity. It is only after being hired and working in the job does anyone truly understand.

At the start tasks may seem easy like performing an inspection or minor repairs. It is not until the crap hits the fan, the understanding and learnings on how things work which become the knowledge to be a senior operator. I really did not understand what occurs between the homes or business for the collection. The next time I see a manhole cover removed and heavy equipment like “high velocity cleaners, kites, bags, poly pigs and scooters” (Operation 2018 p. 305) used as a preventive maintenance devices to maintain sewers clean.

I will have a better understanding that more than liking some type of “rodding equipment used to push or pull cleaning tools.” (Operation 2018 p. 305). Do I believe this course helped my ability to analyze the job functions. Although I find myself feeling relatively comfortable using and learning different equipment sets.

When it comes to waste collection especially with operate equipment, evaluations and maintain equipment through the semester’s assignments, I have found there is always something new to learn. Within the assignments, I have completed thus far some of the most unfamiliar items are the use of the boring equipment. The repairs and renewal which mentioned on page 491 presumed to be in Vol 2 of the eight edition further depth. For me, the book, online videos and websites I viewed was the most helpful tool to understand and solve the mystery of the waste collection operator. The videos and website worked the best because it helped me see operations in front of me even thou I was not there. If there was information I could not understand in the book; I viewed by performing a search through website or turning to YouTube as well. One of the things I did find interesting of the job is the use of heavy duty equipment as well as equipment like used to inspect and view the “interior piping like CCTV.” (Operation 2018 p.

239) For the close and small piping I think I would really like to see the “lateral-launched cameras and compact cable and reel TV” (Operation 2018 p. 244) inspection systems. Without really performing the job it is hard to really know the job. By doing it once is not the same as performing it every day. What I do find interesting about this job is that from the sounds of things each day is different.

I do not have to sit behind a desk. Working with the unknown would have to be challenging. Even thou the schedule may be from past experiences take a couple of hours may run into late in the day maybe past a 12 hour shift. There are dislike with any job but having to deal with waste materials. I think the hardest would be to make sure the equipment is cleaned properly after use. I remember when there was a Hydrochloric acid leak and trying to clean it up. The next day we would come back and it was still showing contamination. I would hate to pass on contaminated equipment to the next person.

_____________________________________________________________________________Applying for a job give the impression it’s simple. Just search, read, hit apply, attach the resume and send; on the way to a new job. Then wait for the endless phone calls wanting to hire. I do not think it is that easy. The job applications and resumes seem like to drop down into some black hole only to disappear forever, which is actual disheartening. Is there a better way?In a competitive job market, companies have the choice of job applicants, so what I am seeing especially with Intel is getting involved with internship or apprenticeship.

Mr. Diaz, the two posting you mention City of Phoenix and Intel internship opportunities sound like a way companies can test the candidate out before offering employment. By using the internship time wisely may allow one to meet at least half of the requirements described. I believe in maybe one of these semesters I would like to see if I could apply for one of the internship opportunities with the Cities. If they would allow me to work say a Monday, Tuesday with every other Wednesday to gain variable work experience which I can place on my resume.


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