African the concept of a “new African diaspora”?

AfricanDiaspora is hinged on a globalized impression of those who identify as black, and that see an association betweenthemselves and others in the African diaspora. Onall accounts in history,there has been manifestations that have been associated with what is consideredto be the historical framework of the African Diaspora. Thisincludes Pan Africanism,Black Nationalism,and Afrocentricity. The main focus on theoverall African Diaspora is looked at through the dispersal of people fromAfrican descent,their role in the creation of new cultures, andtheir role within institutions.The characteristics of the African Diaspora are based on a notion of commonorigin, experiencesof racisms,black marginalization,and  identification on the part of the societyof blacks. Whatis significant is that from its beginnings,the African diaspora as a theoretical concept that used to examine blackexperiences,has always been a political tool.The idea of African diaspora has been taken and used as a source of political actionas blacks worldwide participate in the movement against racism, injustice, and colonialism.

It was constructed, because most people considered blacksin the diaspora to have no roots or place to actually call home. So,what is it that defines the concept of a “new African diaspora”? Ultimatelythere are two things when it comes to understanding the idea of a new diaspora;as a conceptual tool and as a political tool. Forthe last fifty years,the African American community has faced challenges related to both past andcurrent discrimination; progress remains slow and aggravating.

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Remanence of segregation still lurksin the United States.Many African Americans still live in predominantly black neighborhoods. For those that live in suburbanareas, they still tend to live in black suburbs. This has created a form ofsegregation called de facto segregation,a form that comes from the decisions of individuals to live in segregatedcommunities without government action or support.Meanwhile, grassroots movements to meliorateneighborhoods and local schools have taken place in many black communitiesacross America, inhopes to better the progress towards more equality. The new diaspora points out themigrations to the West as well as the influence on Africans living in and outof the United States.

Associating slavery,migrations,and connections using experiences of oppression and racism, makes it become easier to see thatthere is in fact a new African Diaspora in the United States. Trans-nationalists create animportant part in the integration of the new diaspora. These trans-nationalists are found allover America in education and businesses.

Their main goal is to bring their culture comfortably into the societies towhere Africans migrate to. Theylive in both Africa and the new diaspora,so they contribute to both to reach the goal of keeping their roots andpractices well alive. ManyAfrican immigrants in the United States have also brought about their culturesto this region by operating businesses which showcase many different Africanitems such as clothing,movies,etc.Theoverall concept of  the new diaspora isto keep African identities,in and out of societies, frombeing redefined as immigrants interact with more and more people around theglobe, thus being influenced bythem. Therefore, new identities begin to arise as immigrant’sstruggle with government policies. Thenew African diaspora focuses solely on the impact of African immigrants intonew societies today,and how Africans could lose their culture if they do not begin to express itmore in their new societies. Therelationship between the old and new diaspora is that they both are makingprogress towards equality,but it is very slow and there will always be more changes needed to.

So when it is all said and done, Africa and its people will achieveemotional stability and political progress.


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