African Americans in America’s Prison Systems


Statistics by various federal bureaus about the incarceration rates in United States reveals that there is a steady rise on the number of crimes and this is the reason why U.S. prisons experience a constant increase of the number of locked up criminals.

According to Laurence (2009), America has the highest number of locked up criminals seconded by Russia and majority of them are non-white citizens. A good example is California, a world reputable state due to its stable and large economy.

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Approximately fifty two percent of California State is made of non-white citizens. The statistics indicates that the state has social and racial tolerance but the prison population is approximately 70% non-whites with 32% being black Americans compared to the state population of 7% African Americans citizens (Laurence, 2009). When comparing between the general population and those who are incarcerated, 32% is a very high percentage.

The black populace in U.S. prisons is therefore high due to increased incarceration rates. Majority of the California offenders face incarcerations due to drug related offences. Texas has an African-Americans population of approximately 14%, but equally a huge population of the incarcerated inmates of approximately 54%. The table and chart below shows statistical information that compares between population of African Americans in various states of America and those incarcerated in the state’s prisons. StatesPopulation of African AmericansAfrican Americans Population in PrisonGeorgia29%64%Ohio12%52%Iowa2%24%Minnesota3%37%Wisconsin6%48%Illinois15%65%Missouri11%45%Arkansas16%52%Louisiana33%76%Mississippi36%75%Alabama26%65%Tennessee16%53%Kentucky7%36%Indiana8%42%Michigan14%55%South Carolina30%69%North Carolina22%64%Virginia20%68%Pennsylvania10%56%New York15%51%Delaware19%63%Maryland28%77%Connecticut9%47%New Jersey13%64%Rhode Island4%30%


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