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Affordable white label hosted PBX solution actually means a hosted PBX platform that can be sold to different customers, different service providers, business hosted PBX providers, resellers and also distributors. The service of the white label hosted PBX will be totally handled by the one who is providing the PBX. With the increased availability of high-speed connectivity, completely cloud-based hosted PBX solutions are growing in popularity, largely thanks to an extensive range of features they offer.
When you take a hosted PBX it is a product which should be rebranded as other product and after that, the responsibility of marketing and selling is of the company who actually has bought it. It is an important task as this is where how to grow the business comes. The strategy of guaranteeing the product, marketing campaigns, and sales training will be the responsibility of the company. PBX can be transformed into white label call center software.
The features of affordable white-label hosted PBX, GPBX
The GPBX is full of options which will shape your business communications within the absolute best method. From enhancing the standard of communication to raising the business reputations this PBX beholds the feature which is the prime feature and is needed by everyone. A development of various options for all to serve with the par excellence solutions holds in this solution. A complete bundle of PBX has been developed which can use by any service provider with completely white-labeled 100% support all time, feature development on demand.
PBX System is a PBX within an organization for handling inbound and outbound calls. It also has a lot of features:
a) IVR Support: Set up machine-based IVR, to answer the callers and assist those with the correct solution or call transfer.
b) 3rd Party CRM Integration: End-to-end customer engagement with all the sales, marketing, and support apps your customer-facing teams need to engage with customers.
c) IVR Database retrieval: IVR applications additionally invoke existing back-end database and application servers to retrieve records and information needed throughout the course of a call.
d) Hosted IVR: To answer the callers and assist those with the correct solution or call transfer, install machine-based IVR.
e) Inbuilt Billing: Bill anything and everything with billing software offer several features and more comprehensive & scalable telecom billing platform.
f) Direct Inward Dialling (DID) Management: A number of extensions can be customized, manage and maintain on the same phone line.
g) API Integration: API integration allows to easily generating automated workflows to help you sell, deliver, manage, and invoice more effectively.
h) Gateway Management: To provide superior quality voice communication between the VoIP connection.
i) Powerful Reporting: Supervisors and Managers will monitor period queue and agent activity, and generate in-depth historical information and trends on queues and agents, permitting them to enhance performance.
j) Payment Gateway: To produce the flexibility of paying the bill, we’ve got integrated various Payment Gateway entrance for tenants.
k) SIP Trunks: SIP trunking is a methodology of delivering telephone and alternative unified communications services over the web to customers that have SIP-enabled PBX solutions.
l) Extension Setup: Ability to setup 1 extension at a time- assign to a user and ability to set up multiple extensions in a matrix online.
m) DID Support: A number of extensions can be customized, manage and maintain on the same phone line and support for this will be provided.
n) Ring Group: Ring teams are designed to direct calls to a bunch of extensions in order that someone will answer the call.
o) Tenant Configuration: Tenant configuration offers a complete division of its comprehensive feature set, where billing and behavioral preferences can be accessed and configured on per extension, per tenant or system-wide basis.
p) Extension Monitoring: This feature permits to observe the call state of alternative phone extensions visually and provides the choice to answer calls to those extensions.
q) Intercom: Intercom makes that fast and easy where dialing the phone lets anyone who is within earshot respond.
r) Time Zone: Ability to select time zones based on tenant or extension- so that voicemail notices and CDRs match up.

White label hosted PBX is the way to go for many of the providers. Bundled in a white label package that offers resellers the opportunity to personally brand its PBX and manage their distribution and revenue streams, the GPBX is an excellent value proposition for service providers.

About GPBX,
GPBX is powering the transformation of communication networks into a cloud-based, software-centric future. The company has developed its own PBX that runs on a standard hardware as well as n the virtualized environment. In its past, GPBX has helped hundreds of service providers worldwide advance their infrastructures, retain their customers, extend their brands and reduce their costs through every major network transformation. They provide you an affordable white-label hosted PBX which can be also transformed into the white label call center software.


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