Advocacy speciality. The healthcare system within Canada is

Advocacy and mental health nursing are linked through the need to improve the quality of life for individuals with mental health issues. Nurses are the largest health professional group in the country (CAN, 2013). Furthermore, they are trained and educated to assess mental health, prevent, diagnose, and treat those who are in need. As well as, promote wellness and human development through intervention. Mental health nurses are people who have a passion for improving the lives of others. To a mental health nurse, a fulfilling, content and rewarding life is not only obtainable, but a right that every person should attain. A nurse should look at a client in a holistic way to understand their background and reason as to why they are here.

By doing so, it will ease the individual to become more comfortable and speak openly without being restricted with the feelings of being judged or discriminated. With all things considered, it’s the nurse’s duty to approach the client and the problem with a holistic approach to ensure safe and efficient care. Conclusion In conclusion, throughout this paper advocacy within mental health nursing was discussed by providing the role, history, clients, challenges, rewards, and future of mental health nursing.

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Advocacy was defined as well its importance in mental health nursing and the Canadian health care system. Finally, advocacy was linked within the mental health speciality. The healthcare system within Canada is broad and nurses are on the field, advocating, resear


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