Advertising products or services. It helps to build

Advertising helps consumers to keepup-to-date of new developments in the market for new products or services. Ithelps to build awareness of the products or services that are of use toconsumers and potential buyers. In the past, Carjen used promotion strategysuch as roadshow, print advertisement, and social media advertising.

Carjen setup the roadshow willbe held at petrol station, R&R restaurant and supermarket. Thedisadvantage of roadshow promotion strategy is short term and unexpected numberattendees. We recommended Carjen implement new advertisingstrategy which is billboards advertising on the busiest highway with manyindustrial and residential user areas. The use of billboards isan outdoor media which relevant and effective because of its ability to targeta wide audience.

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The advantage of billboard advertising are attention-grabbing and effective attracting viewerlikes passers-by and drivers because it are huge size and height (Williams, 2009).Selling merchandise through retail channels is anoption for reaching customers and prospects efficiently. Carjen has distribute theproducts to several supermarkets such as Econsave, Giant, Family Store,Billion, Super Cowboy, TF Value Mart, Tunas Manja, Nirwana Batu Pahat and KKMart.

Carjen did not distribute their product to hypermarket such as Tesco, Mydin,Aeon and others. This is one of Carjen’s competitive weaknesses because as manyconsumer prefer go to hypermarket like Tesco, Aeon and etc. The differencebetween supermarkets and hypermarkets is that supermarkets are basically largeand self-service grocery stores where consumers get their food and householdgoods whereas hypermarkets are large retail spaces with supermarkets anddepartment stores.

Besides, expand distribution channel to more and moredistribution can help the company to growth brand awareness among theircustomer about the company products.  According to (Hassan,Rahman, & Sade, 2015) statad that, hypermarkets are one of the modernretail concepts that make highly accptable by Malaysian consumers.Based on the result from the research study, the majority of consumers areprefer to go hypermarket instead of traditional grocers, convenience stores andminimart. We recommend expand distribution channel to hypermarket mightincrease the sale profit and build strong brand awareness.

             In2017, Malaysia was ranked as Asia’s most obese country followed by South Korea,Pakistan and China. Based on the finding of British medical journal, The Lancetexemplified that 49% of women and 44% man in Malaysia considered obese. Our healthminister has advised that the country is in fatness epidemic with almost halfof countries being overweight or obese. Seen overweight and obesity mightbecome serious problems in the country therefore reduce obesity rate are notonly responsibility of Malaysia government.             Nowadays,consumer trends are varying the food and beverage market in health and wellness.

As consumer demand shifts, the food and beverage manufacturers have theopportunity to develop healthy new products to meet the needs of consumers. Werecommend Carjen start produce instant noodle with wholegrain ingredient toappeal to health-conscious consumers.An increasing number ofself-service kiosk and vending machines are popularity in office building,hostel lobby and university campus in Malaysia provided that to the busy workerand student who do not have time to go out grab a snack. Basically, the vendingmachines installed in building area with easy to eat item such beverage, cupnoodles and snack. The self-service technology arecreating opportunities for Carjen therefore we strongly recommend Carjen installingvending snack machine.

The machines that dispense Carjen’s snack product inpublic places like malls, campus and workplace where people can make the mostof their trips. These machines are much preferred by people because they offerfood that can easily be consumed and carried around. The advantage using vendingsnack machines allow customer buy products at any time of the day. 


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