Advertising method As a franchisee, our Tim Hortons had advertised globally for us as a set up in Malaysia to gain popularity among the countries. They used television advertising , social media and billboards as some methods for advertising to publicize our outlet and to get attention from people around the globe. However, sometimes neighborhood might not be aware of Tim Hortons. So, as a  we also would like to self-promote to our neighborhood. We would like to give templates with all the information about Tim Hortons. Moreover, we also prefer to offer free samples to earn the curiosity on them to taste Tim Hortons food stuffs. Lastly, we are going to make a video clip of Tim Hortons advertisement with the help of our Tim Hortons staffs.Future expansionWe would like to open up a new outlet in Johor Bahru in 5-year time. Why? Because it’s the second famous city in Malaysia and huge likely people would want to try new food. People from Johor Bahru doesn’t have travel to have Tim Hortons. Therefore, we would like to bring to them instead of the travelling. We would also likeChallengesManaging a restaurant business with good marketing is still dream for many people.  Unfortunately, the independent restaurant business comes with its fair share of troubles and it end up with facing many challenges to owners. In financial way, restaurants do not turn into satisfying profit for several months or years after opening. organized restaurant owners can also suffer financially, especially during recessions when they have fewer consumers. In addition, to be successful, an owner need a good planning to stand out from the crowd, especially restaurants in urban areas with high competition. Even established restaurant owners should frequently review their menu and theme to ensure that they are giving customers what they desire. If customers did not feel satisfy with the food or the restaurant itself, the owner will start to lose business badly and good word-of-mouth advertising. The managerial part is also an important thing to consider about.  The owner must also train the staff well and know how to maintain disciplinary problems. Many restaurants have a high staff turnover rate, which can lead to scheduling problems and a stressful work environment.


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