Advertising Advertisement design- TBWA will create the appropriate

Advertisingagencies create and develop adverts for companies. Businesses will pay theseadvertising agencies a certain amount of fee for them to advertise theircompany. The competition between advertising agencies is fierce; this meansadvertising agencies will have to be very good to compete with each other inthe market. The role of advertising agencies is to persuade and pass theinformation to the audience. This can be done by advertising online, on socialmedia, on TV, radios and Newspapers and magazines. Adverting agencies handleall the advertising aspects, such as researching, planning and creating it.

Apple’s advertisingagency is TBWA who is a global advertising agency who advertise many well-knowncompanies. Apples advertising agency offer the following services; ·        Mediabuying- Apple’s advertising agency (TBWA)will decide the best advertising option is best for the products. For example,the iPhone X was advertised online and on TV as a lot of consumers for theiPhones are into technology, hence it was advertised a lot online.  They will be matching demographics of aproduct with the demographics of a medium; TV, online, newspaper and magazines.After matching the demographics they will produce the right advertisement. ·        Advertisementdesign- TBWA will create the appropriate advertisement for the product.

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Forexample, the iPhone X is a product sold by Apple, therefore they will have toadvertise it with the features it has. There are many phones available in the market;therefore, TBWA will have to make create an advertisement specifically for theiPhone by discussing its features with Apple. The agency will combine thefollowing three; graphic design, copywriting and typography, so that they candesign the best and appropriate advert. Copyright will have to be consideredbecause when making the advert, TBWA may use songs or pictures, which theythemselves did not create, and it is not an original copy. Therefore, they willhave to reference it and give credits to the original creator so that they donot fall under copyright. The way the advertised is designed plays a huge rolein the promotional campaign.

This is because people will see the advert anddetermine if it is professional or not. ·        Advertisingproduction- developing online, TV and radio adverts are more expensive than print-basedadvertising like newspapers and magazines. TBWA will discuss the advertising productionfor the iPhone X with Apple to get the best deal. The agency will be working togetherwith Apple to identify a concept that the client is happy with.

After Apple agreeswith the concept the agency will go ahead producing the advert. The agency willgive Apple the script on paper and get it approved by Apple so that they have thecorrect information. Once Apple has officially approved the script Apple will goahead making the advert for the iPhone X. This will help Apple to have a successfulpromotional campaign ·        Engagingthe target audience- 


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