AdvantagesThe the person or object that undergoes an

AdvantagesThe passive construction is used to show the person or object that undergoes an action rather than the person or object that performs the action. Namely, the mainly thing or person turn into the subject of the sentence in a passive construction. First, the passive construction is useful in academic writing. Hence, it allows the writers by placing them at the beginning of the sentence to emphasize the most important participants or matters within sentences.Second, passive construction is focusing or emphasizing the person or object receiving the action. Inversely, active construction emphasizes the person performing the action.For example: 1. “The trees were destroyed by the fire” VS “The fire destroyed the trees”. In these two examples, the first sentence uses a passive verb and it emphasizes the trees received the action. The second sentence uses an active verb to declare the fire is performing the action of destruction. In general, passive construction focuses on the result of an action rather than who did this action. 2.”Garvrilo Princip started World War One” VS “World War one was started by Gavrilo”. In the first sentence, it uses an active verb to talk about somebody who did this action. We want to say what Garvrilo Princip did. In the second sentence, it uses a passive verb we are interested in what is happening. Compare these two sentences, the active sentence focuses one who started the war. In the second sentence, we distinctly want to emphasize the ‘doer’ who did something that is important, otherwise this sentence makes no sense. Third, the performer is unknown, unrelated or distinct in passive construction. It de-emphasizes the performer when it is not immportant. Sometimes in academic writing it might be use the passive voice to avoid naming the ‘doer’ of an action. In general, we use passive construction as we don’t know who are doing this action. Sometimes, we do not want to express who performed the action as we are not interested in the performer or the performer is less important than the action. For example: “These corns are planted in Thailand”; “My house was built in 2008” “The air conditioner is being repaired”. In these three sentences , the speaker is interested in the mainly things that he had mentioned, he is not interested who made these actions. Overall, passive voice is a choice to add variety in academic writing. In addition, passive construction is used to emphasise action and describe a situation that the performer is not important or unknown. In conclusion, different situation use different construction. You can’t use only one construction in your writing. They have their only advantages. Passive voice sentences always use more words than active voice. It can be vague and ambiguity.


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