Advancement information and discuss their health as

Advancement 1: The reason Ihave chosen my career, Health Information Technology is because I want to helpthe patient with their health information to clarify, to be able to share thehealth information with the patient.

Also, I want to analyze to see what thepatient’s history conditions, and to help the doctor or lab to figure it out sothat’s a way they can do better with the medicine or try to get their health tobe better. The Health Information Technology was born before 1700, which iscalled, “Casebooks” before named, Medical Records and lastly, theycame with new named, Health Information Technology as merged. The first peoplewho found the casebooks were Forman and Napier. Meanwhile, Astrologers kept onthe track to the minerals and put the map on a chart before they can figure itout, so they can get ready to address the judgment the chart data. The firstCasebook was found in England. Health Information Technology’s advanced was touse the electronic exchange that they wanted to do for health information toimprove the standard and to decrease the cost.

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Also, the health technicianswork the patient with accurate information and discuss their health as well. Advancement 2: The healthinformation’s advancement is to make sure that the health information is enoughto trust, to be able to use the health information when the patient or customerneeds, and when they will be available. Last, it is access to the patient withincreasing success and reduces the cost for the patient. The Medicare andMedicaid were created by Lyndon Johnson, in 1960’s at the Hospital Insuranceand Medical Insurance where they planned to build up the company.

Medicare andMedicaid began the large mainframes, expensive storage to and let the hospitalsuse them. The advancement was that Medicare and Medicaid use the hospitalaccounting systems now than mainframes storages. Lastly, now Medicare andMedicaid’s field are to do the hospital accounting systems.


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