Adolescence health and way of living. It can

 Adolescence is a period of growth and development bridging childhood and adulthood. The physical and emotional changes that occur influence the dietary and health-related behaviors.      Eating habits are associated with adolescents’ need to express freedom from parental control and their effort to adopt what they perceive as adult preferences and lifestyle (Thomas, 1991).

The key features of their eating patterns include snacking, breakfast skipping, dieting, and adoption of specific diets such as vegetarian diet, confectionery, and fast food eating (Shepherd & Dennison, 1996). On the other hand, nutritional inadequacies during this period influence not only adolescents’ health but also their risk for diseases in adulthood (Dietz, 1998). There is popular phenomenon among students which is choosing the inappropriate diet for their lifestyle. Exploring about the inappropriate diet choice of students is timely relevant now as the food intake of the students vary time to time. The industrialization and modernization of food also become a fast tracking event that students’ choice for their diet differs every now and then.

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It is important to elucidate and describe the factors that influence students’ food choices and to discuss them further through the experiences of the population included in this phenomenon. It is significant to explore the students’ experience towards their choice of inappropriate diet to further have knowledge about the ongoing phenomena to have a new and relevant generalization that could be a help to the society. The researchers want to know how can these diet patterns of the adolescence particularly the Grade 11 students of Emilio Aguinaldo College affects their health and way of living. It can be a vehicle to illuminate and clarify central and important issues in student’s diet choice. undefined undefined undefined undefined


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