Administration plaza at the heart of the

Administration SpaceThe Central Building initially is going to be used as an administrative office where athletes,officials, guests, media and broadcasters can interact during the games.

It will also be frequentlyvisited and highly used after the games.After the games, the central building is going to be turned into a central plaza at the heart ofthe Games Village. The Plaza will accommodate specialty retail storesThe communal dining halls are used for the athletes to dine together. Initially, the dininghalls will serve food and provide a huge selection of fresh fruits. After the completion of thegames, it will be converted into supermarkets with food courts.

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he benefits from transformation of the community mainly consists of two parts:(1) Economic incomeThe economic income is generated mostly from the fee for use of the gymnasium, such asswimming pool, badminton court and gym, but the entrance fee will be much cheaper than theprofit-making gymnasiums outside. As Gold Coast is one of the major growing cities inQueensland, high-end specialty retails are targeted to be attract a lot local residents thus turningthe commercial area into a social hub.(2) Employment opportunitiesThe Parklands will be a massive development and thus will require a great number ofproperty management personnel and cleaning staff for residential areas. Similarly, thecommercial complex, restaurants and supermarkets will also generate more employmentpositions such as retailers, cashiers, sellers etc. It is noteworthy that the community creates someinnovative employment opportunities: cooks for food courts and garbage classification personnelas described above


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